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22 / M / Philippines
Posted 10/8/10
1.He has cool mentors
2.He's father is a renowned ninja
3.He has a tailed beast for a pet
4.A powerful Ninja
5.He has the power to befriend anyone
6. A brash hero but automatically saves the day
7.He helped Pain had a change of heart
8.A fast learner of ninja techniques
9.A dumb-headed person
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24 / M / merced,CA
Posted 10/8/10
1.he never gives up
2.he cares about his friends more then anything
3.he will risk his live to save a friend who tryed to kill him multiple times
4.he never loses his light
5.when ever a chalenge faces him he faces it will all hes got
6.even when people hated him he kept fighting
7.even when someone does something very bad he forgives them and looks into there hearts first he was weak but he strived to be strong and look ay him now times hes dumb but realy hes smart
10.he very cool and awesome
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21 / F
Posted 10/8/10
1. He protects people
2. He never gives up

3. He is hot
4. He is cute

5. He is strong
6. He is funny

7. He is clever
8. He is a friendly person

9. He is very serious when he is training to become a better ninja
10. He is a goodhearted person
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27 / M
Posted 10/8/10
1. he's cool
2. he has whiskers :D
3. he's strong
4. he's determined
5. he's hot
6. he's strong
7. he has a good heart
8. he's funny
9. he's beeing helpful
10. he's always true to himself
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26 / F / Who cares?
Posted 10/8/10
1. He's the only one who never thinks of giving up on Sasuke.
2. His determination to bring back Sasuke which does NOT only stem from his promise to Sakura.
3. He loves Sasuke Uchiha.

I only need three reasons to love him.
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Posted 10/8/10
ok lemme see , sorry guys i might copy ur things to cuz thats what i like about him too so... forgive -_-
1. his determination
2. hes funny
3. he never gives up
3. he wont break promise to sakura
4. if he fails he does it again and again until he succeeds
5. he makes a lot of friends by trying even if he has the kuybi inside of him
6. he has earned the villages respect, finally
7. at first hes really dumb, but now hes smarter
8. he never gave up his dream
9. he learned a lot of new things during his training
10. he defected pain
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23 / F
Posted 10/8/10
1. While he was a kid, he was so amusing ^^
2. He has an awesome froggy wallet <3
3. He's determined as hell
4. He always manages to pull through no matter what happens
5. His sexy no jutsu is pretty hawt ;P
6. even though he's not the strongest out there, he learns.
7. He dreams big and is working towards becoming it :)
8. He's loyal
9. Since he's been through a lot as well, he's empathetic
10. He's awesome ?
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22 / F
Posted 10/8/10
Naruto is amazing!

1 He's Reliable
2 Strong
3 Humorous
4 Original
5 Trusts friends
6 Doesn't Give up
7 Struggled through a harsh past
8 Doesn't turn a blind eye if people in trouble
9 Makes friends Easily
10 He's the man who's going to become Hokage!
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27 / F / California
Posted 10/8/10
okei.. i'll just write what i like just to pass time..

1.) his cute way of speaking which always ends with "dattebayo"
2.) his ignorance towards Hinata's feeling... (i wish it would change though)
3.) his perseverance to bring Sosuke back
4.) his ninja way w/c is to never give up.
5.) his ability to overcome too many obstacles on his missions
6.) he was able to be acknowledged by the people he likes
7.) he sincerely help his friends and other strangers
8.) he became friends with supposed to be enemies
9.) he became a great ninja and surpassed the others.. cool techniques!! with the bad boy thingy going on with the kyubi too!
10.) his cute orange hair and how he always stands out in the crowd without so much care about how the public sees him!!!
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26 / F / Philippines
Posted 10/8/10
1. he's cute
2. he's nice
3. he's unique
4. he's awesome
5.he's humble
6. he's powerful
7. he is strong
8. he has a pure heart
9. have good sense of humor
10. he is a perfect friend :D
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23 / F
Posted 10/8/10
1.I love that he is always funny
2.He would do anything for Sakura
3.Even though he had a tough life, he never gives up
4.Everybody accepts him now
5.He has a big dream
6.He gets stronger and stronger
7.Loves that he always defeats the bad guys
8.Loves how he inspires others around him
9.Loves how he tries to act cool
10.And he likes ramen and me too!
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18 / M / Australia, Brisbane
Posted 10/8/10
1. His random
2. His determination
3. His funny
4. He loves Ramen
5. He never gives up
5. He likes Sakura
6. He is willing to take chances
7. He will compare himself to others to beocme stronger
8. His sexy jutsu
9. Sense of freedom
10. He gets more mature along the way
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22 / F
Posted 10/8/10
1:) though he's very careless sometimes, he really gives attention to his friends and loved ones.
2:0 he's a hard working student.. does'nt stop until he perfect it..
3.) ooh, he loves to eat! one of the traits i really loved about him =)
4.) Does'nt take things so seriously.
5.) a fighter
6.) has a good looks,
7.) experiences make him stronger and hard to beat.
8.) a good example of what a true friend is.
9.) help others in anyway he can.
10.) HE ROCKS FOR HE IS THE ONLY CHARACTER THAT I REALLY ADMIRE,.. (love his guts and determination)
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20 / F
Posted 10/8/10
1.I like that he stands out
2.I like that we both love ramen
3.i like that he matured a little
4.i like his hairstyle
5.i like that is always determined
6.i like that he is funny
7.i like that he would do anything for Sakura
8.i like that he gets stonger everytime
9.i like that he got accepted by everyone
10. i like that he says dattebayo
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27 / F
Posted 10/8/10
1. He has whiskers.
2. He has guts.
3. He has awesome yellow hair.
4. He has lots of power/chakra.
5. He never stops learning.
6. He's awesomely funny.
7. He can store a 9-tail in his body.
8. His seal mark look cool.
9. He never gives up.
10. He has awesome moves.
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