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Posted 10/8/10
1. Never seems to stop amazing me
2. Always getting stronger
3. Cares for his freinds
4. Hasn't given up on sasuke and doesn't seem like he will
5. Has an aweesome personality
6. Has guts to never give up
7. He is hardworking
8. Has the Will of the Fire
9. Is always improving and getting stronger
10. He's a genin but can already beat someone as strong as a Kage level such as "Pain" aka Nagato
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28 / M / london
Posted 10/8/10
1) the phase 'give up' doesnt mean anything to him
2) he has an amazing skill of changing peoples hearts
3) he has come kick ass jutsu's
4) he LOVES playing pranks ( such a shame he doesn't pull as many as he did when it started)
5) he cares about everyone even if they treat him like dirt
6) he loves raman!
7) he doesn't even know that hinta (i think thats how you spell it) likes him
8) his hair is NEVER messed up
9) his dream of everybody repecting him came truee
10) he's the strongest ninja in his village
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21 / M / Waterloo, Canada
Posted 10/8/10
1. He's cool
2. He's trustable
3. He's funny
4. He has inspirational speeches
5. He follows what he think is right
6. He never gives up
7. He's child-like
8. He's stubborn (in a good way)
9. He's a loyal friend
10. He always do things with all his best
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25 / F
Posted 10/8/10
1. Naruto never gives up that is why he always try so hard .
2. I love his eyes full of pain, they are so emotional.
3. He look on Sasuke as his best friend that is why he want bring Sasuke to the Konoha.
4. Of coures I love him bec he is so funny.
5. He has awesome voice - don't u think ? It's so cool.
6. He wants to be Hokage and to bring peace between the villages.
7. Naruto is always himself.
8. He is just so good persone, he make me feel much better when I not feeling well.
9. Bec he has a rules - I will never give up... I never go back on my word... thats my way of the ninja!
10 . The most important thinks to me I love Naruto bec he say this :

I don't care who I have to fight. If he tears off my arms, I'll kick him to death. If he rips off my legs, I'll bite him to death. If he cuts off my head, I'll stare him to death. And if he gouges out my eyes, then I'll curse him from beyond the grave! Even if I'm torn to shreds, I'm taking Sasuke back!
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27 / M / Planet Earth
Posted 10/8/10
Hmmmm let me think for a sec......

1. His determination
2. His will to never gives up
3. He's funny :D
4. He has "balls" (guts)
5. The effort he is putting into things (training and other things)
6. His attitude (he is not a snoob)
7. He likes ramen (ramen FTW)
8. His love for his friends
9. His "straight-forwardness"
10. He's a ninja

Bonus (11): He's still a Genin, but stronger than most other Chunin and Jonin
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24 / M / whitleyville TN
Posted 10/8/10
1.he's aw3som3
2.he's aw3som3
3.he's aw3som3
4.he's aw3som3
5.he's aw3som3
6.he's aw3som3
7.he's aw3som3
8.he's aw3som3
9.he's aw3som3
10 HE'S AW3SOM3!!!!
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32 / F
Posted 10/8/10
1. he keeps his eye on his dreams!!
2. he never gives up on his friends.
3. he loyal to his village.
4. he doesn't care what other people think of him
5. he sees the good in everyone.
6. He never stops trying to get stronger
7. he is a great role model
8.hes true to himself
9.he is serious when he needs to be.
10. he can be very funny
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37 / M
Posted 10/8/10
Naruto is a manifestation of me..

this is what I like him about...

1. Resilient
2. Hard working
3. Loves his friends
4. Funny
5. Relies on instincts
6. Have a goal in life
7. Persistent
8. never gives up
9. Sentimental
10. Loves to eat Ramen... yum yum..
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21 / F
Posted 10/8/10
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! :)

1. He never gives up! :)
2. He's hot :D
3. He's hilarous :)
4. He finally got his respect from the village :)
5. He always fails over and over again til he succeeds :D
6. He never breaks his promise :)
7. How he has a way to change people :)
8. He's going to be Hokage :)
9. He's loyal, kind, and wonderful friend :)
10. He's caring :)

I really want that membership!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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34 / F / Finland
Posted 10/8/10
1. Gutsy Ninja
2. Positive
3. Big heart
4. Smart in his own way
5. Ramen~<3
6. Oiroke no jutsu (makes me still laugh)
7. Power to change bad guys
8. Can't wait him to grow up to be handsome guy
9. Will of fire
10. Through hard times to the good times. Dreams comes true if you truly believing it and you are ready to go hard times to achieve it
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22 / M
Posted 10/8/10
top ten that i like naruto
#1 he's a good lad
#2 he doesn't give up to the great hokage
#3 hero in konoha village
#4he got a cool sage mode
#5 he likes to call lee a bushy brow
#6 even sasuke is his enemy he fights for him becoz his such a good friend of him
#7 he makes his friends happy
#8 i like hes sexxxxxxxxxxxy Jutsu
#9 he treated his team like a family of him
#10 hes a funny looking dude
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31 / F / New York
Posted 10/8/10
I thought Naruto started October 3rd
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Posted 10/8/10
8 9 tails mode awesome!
9. Not woth it
10. Doesn't deserve 10
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24 / F / Canada
Posted 10/8/10
1. He has boundless determination.
2. He's sincere to his friends and keeps his word, no matter what.
3. He is able to overcome events of the past.
4. He does not bear grudges and sees good in everyone.
5. He has a sense of humor.
6. His treatment towards others is fair no matter what their background is.
7. He does not get discouraged regardless of what odds are against him. (kind of like #1, but oh well)
8. He stays true to his morals.
9. He puts others first before himself.
10. He highly values the strength of bonds and does not take them for granted.
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29 / M
Posted 10/8/10
1.Hinata Likes Him...Yeah Theres More but I Already Have the Prim. So I will Not Type the rest, Plus It Seems Everone has the same resons i Do.
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