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Celebrate Naruto's birthday with a free membership
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29 / F
Posted 10/8/10
1) He's cool
2) He believes in him self
3) He believes in his friends
3) He's strong
4) He's funny
5) He has a can do attitude
6) He wants to make the world a better place
7) He cares about people
8) He doesn't give up
9) He sticks to his ninja way
10) and He does the coolest jutsu's including 'sexy no jutsu'

Happy Birthday Naruto! I know you'll become the Hokage one day! I believe it!
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Posted 10/8/10
1:he's cute
2: he's funny
3: he's smart
4: he's adorable
5: every time i see u, my spirits lift
6: he never gives up
7: he defeated pain+ he made pain good
8: he made alot of friends
9: he tries and tries again
10:he earned the respect of the village+he won't break his promise to sakura-chan+ he's verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry funny!!!!!!!!

kmaa703. happy birthday, man i'm so happy you're turning 17,yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted 10/8/10
Awww why do people who never support a company always get all the good deals. I want a free month of Crunchyroll, Dish, netflix, ect.
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22 / F / Sweden
Posted 10/8/10
1. he's funny =D
2. he has awesome moves!!
3. he never gives up :D
4. he's handsome now ^^
5. he's smart
6. he's reliable
7. he never gave up his dream
8. he's smile ^-^
9. he's laughter
10. he's personality
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Posted 10/8/10
Sorry for telling it, but i think it's not fair for the one like me who pays every months for their membership. We should also get the free month, even if "we aloready know the benefits".
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24 / M / Here
Posted 10/8/10
1. Hes Brave
2. Hes Kind
3. Hes Funny
4. Hes Strong in And Outside
5. He eats ramen
6. Hes Naruto
7. He is anime character
8. He will become Hogage or something
9. He Never gives up
10. Hes good at promises
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23 / F / w/ Super Junior &...
Posted 10/8/10
First things first....
Happy Early Birthday Uzumaki Naruto!! <3
Now for things on what I like about Naruto(:

1. His determination to do what he thinks is right exceeds most!
2. His willpower is simply astonishing.
3. He never gives up, no matter the situation he's in.
4. He never goes back on his word. That's his ninja way (nindo) ;D
5. His ability to keep on training non-stop to make himself stronger & take back Sasuke.
6. The way he puts his friends and people he doesn't know first in desperate situations.
7. The way he doesn't hold grudges and see a good light inside of everyone.
8. The way he has the ability to change people for the better.
9. His determination throughout the whole show to gain the respect he deserves.
10. His personality (nice, funny, helpful, determined, loyal, etc.).
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20 / F / Houston,Texas,U.S.A
Posted 10/8/10
1. He's weird and funny in his own way
2. He likes ramen!!!!
3.He's perverted :DD
4. He, like a lot of characters, wants to save his friends
5. He's VERY persistent...
6. His whiskers! (thats what i like to call them)
7. The blonde hair and blue eyes. (i've always wondered if he would be half European if he existed in real)
8. He kicks ass in fights!
9. Haha, I love how people are saying he shaped up later on, I tottaly agree. Though i like him when he's silly
10. Naruto had a very big kickass frog...or errr toad? (boss gama)
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27 / M
Posted 10/8/10
1.he had to so much training to earn respect from the village
2.he had to be the best to turn into the 7th hokage
3.he never gave up on his dreams to be a hokage
4.he defeated th 6 pains
5. from naruto he's dumb at naruto shippuden he came a very smart kid
6.he will do anything for his friends
7.he has the power of the kyubi
8.he has a determination and never gives up
9.he wont break promises to his/her friends
10.he's very funny
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25 / M
Posted 10/8/10
1. he is funny
2. he is strong
3. he is cool
4 he never gives up
5. he has the coolest father
6. he has cool clothing
7. he likes ramen
8. he was trained by jiraya
9. he fought pain
10. he will never die
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20 / M
Posted 10/8/10
Happy B'Day Naruto

1.He neva gives up
2.He loves raman just like me
3.He has a great sense of humour
4.He is true to his nindo
5.His rasangan kiks ass
6.Even though he is a genin he is one of the strongest ninja in konahagakure
7.He has graet teamwork skills
8. he can do the sexy jutsu and harem jutsu
9.he can own sakue anyday
10. He is just completely AWESOME!!
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29 / M
Posted 10/8/10
1. his cool
2. his dedicated in achieving his dreams
3. he showed true heroism in saving others
3. he puts the safety of others before his self
4. his dedication
5. he will do anything for his friends
6. he is goofy and funny
7. he his strong even if he is a genin
8. he showed the every people he met to accept him from who he is and whats inside him(kyubi)
9. he is so damn powerful (based in anime & manga)
10. his nindo(ninja) way

Happy Birthday Naruto! Hope you get Sakura soon
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27 / F / valenzuela city
Posted 10/8/10
1.his determination
2. he loves his friends
3.his jutsus(excluding sexy jutsu)
4.his sage mode
5.his rasengan
6.his ability to change peoples heart
7. he is being hit by sakura most of the time
8.his nindo
9.he still want to save sasuke even if he is being trashed by him
10. he is a baka!!
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22 / F / Arizona
Posted 10/8/10
lol i love him but the top ten i guess would be: he never gives up matter the situation he stays storng
3.instead of the proper ninja way he just makes his own
4.he cares for everyone else before himself
5.he will protect his friend no matter what the cost
6.everyone hated him but he finally got their trust
7.he always trys his best to succed in anything if he fails
8.he never gave up his dream for becoming hokage no matter what people said
9.he was able to help and save gaara and also become friends
10.he has commpasion for people who hurt him and helps them heal their heart by talking to them and felling their pain
i think those are good qualities and aspects for a ninja but i really cant wait for the readt to come out and see if he saves his friend and everything :3 but Happy Birthday Naruto
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22 / M / hidden death village
Posted 10/8/10
Well first of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY NARUTO!!
Second i got to say your one awesome dude now here's my top 10 things i like about you

1. You never gave up
2. You're always brave and bold
3. You follow your dream till the end
4. You're always a fun guy never boring
5. You care for your friends even know that one went to the akatski
6. You never back down
7. You;re a great role model to many kids and teens
8. You're extremely funny and cool
9. You're really one of a kind
10. You Naruto Uzumaki are a hero to many people including myself and my friends

We love you dude and keep following your dream
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