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Post Reply Kill Euphie to save the Japanese?
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Posted 10/11/10
Kill Euphie to Save the Japanese?

Copyright 2010 M.A. Golding

Some Code Geass fans believe that Lelouch rightfully killed Euphemia to save some Japanese people from being killed by her.

Taking an action to achieve a goal or purpose can be justified if that goal or purpose is good enough.

Condition A for justifying taking an action is that the goal or purpose for that action is good enough that some, but not all, actions that could be taken to achieve that goal or purpose are justified.

Saving people’s lives is usually considered a good purpose that can justify many actions, including some extreme enough that they can not be justified by a lesser goal.

Killing Euphemia to save one or more Japanese lives satisfies Condition A.

But an action which satisfies condition A can be justified only if it also satisfies one or more of the four following conditions:

Condition B: The action in question is absolutely necessary to achieve the goal or purpose which satisfies Condition A.


Condition C1: The action in question is not absolutely necessary to achieve the goal or purpose, but other and less extreme alternatives would be significantly more difficult than the act in question and might not be doable.


Condition C2: The action in question is not absolutely necessary to achieve the goal or purpose, but other and less extreme alternatives would take significantly more time than the act in question and thus might prevent the goal or purpose from being achieved in time.


Condition C3: The action in question is not absolutely necessary to achieve the goal or purpose, but other and less extreme alternatives would be too dangerous for the person or persons deciding what actions to take, or too dangerous for another person or persons.

Would killing Euphemia to save one or more Japanese people from her satisfy one or more of Conditions B, C1, C2, or C3?

Condition B:

When Euphemia was riding a knightmare shooting at Japanese people it looked like it was almost totally impossible to stop her without destroying the knightmare and killing her in the process.

But if she could be extracted alive from her knightmare and captured it would be relatively simple to keep her confined and unable to kill until she was cured or died. Countless thousands and millions of persons are securely confined in the world of Code Geass .

If Euphie was securely confined she would have less chance of killing more Japanese people than any newborn Japanese baby would have of growing up to kill one or more Japanese people in the future. If you are not going to kill every newborn baby to prevent the slight chance that he will someday kill someone, there is no reason to decide to kill Euphemia instead of capturing and confining her.

Killing Euphemia is obviously not the only way to save Japanese people from her, so killing Euphemia does not satisfy Condition B.

Condition C1:

It looked like it would be almost impossible to stop Euphie’s knightmare without killing her. Then Lelouch or CC used the Slash Harkens at the fingertips of the Gawain to slice up her knightmare without harming her.

Probably the Slash Harkens were designed with countless super hard saws or superhot cutting torches to slice up a knightmare without killing the pilot so the pilot could be captured for some purpose. Thus when CC or Lelouch studied the manual and learned how to operate the Slash Harkens they should have read the instructions to capture the pilot with whatever device the Gawain had to capture enemy pilots.

Or the instructions might have said to simply pick up the enemy pilot in a hand of the Gawain. Knightmares seem to have great manual dexterity. And the skillful manipulation of the Slash Harkens indicates that precise control of the Gawain’s fingers is easy. And it makes sense for Knightmares to be able to pick up and carry to safety ejected comrade pilots.

So as Euphie crawled out of the wreckage of her knightmare Lelouch and CC should have seen that she would be very easy to capture alive. The only question should have been which knightmare would capture her alive.

Killing Euphie does not satisfy Condition C1.

Condition C2:

After Euphemia's knightmare was destroyed Lelouch or CC or Kallen could have just reached down with a giant robot hand and picked Euphemia up. Thus Euphemia could have been captured before Lelouch shot her. And thus she could have been captured soon enough to save anyone that Lelouch shot her soon enough to save. Killing Euphemia does not satisfy condition C2.

Condition C3:

After Euphemia's knightmare was destroyed Lelouch or CC or Kallen could just reach down with a giant robot hand and pick up Euphemia. Or they could use the stun ray, or the throwing net, or any other capture devices which might have been installed on their Knightmares.

Instead Lelouch was lowered from the Gawain while Euphemia was shooting a machine gun (which Lelouch, Kallen and CC had let her pick up) at the Gawain.

If Lelouch was shot before Euphie recognized him he might fall to the ground and be injured and then possibly shot some more by Euphie. He could have been killed.

And how was letting Euphie pick up a machine gun doing all that they could to protect any Japanese people who might have been nearby from her?

Lelouch walked up to what seemed like touching distance of Euphie while talking peacefully with her, and seemed to have many possible methods of capturing her or tricking her into become his prisoner.

Thus it was needlessly dangerous for Lelouch to suddenly shoot Euphemia instead of capturing her. If not killed instantly (and Euphie was not) even a fatally wounded person might shoot back and kill the attacker.

Clearly killing Euphemia that way was a lot more dangerous for him than capturing her alive as I have suggested.

And after the earliest possible moment Euphie could have been captured Lelouch let her pick up a machine gun which she carried for some time before being shot.

Capturing her alive before she picked up the machine gun would have been a lot safer for any Japanese people who might have been nearby. And if there weren’t any Japanese people nearby Lelouch would not need to stop Euphie fast to save Japanese lives.

And killing Euphemia might have resulted in more Japanese deaths than capturing her.

The fleeing Japanese and the Britannians were scattered by the time the Black Knights arrived to intervene, so it would take time to find and stop all the Britannians. And Euphemia had broadcast an order to kill Japanese people at the start of episode 23. It would take even more time to stop everyone who might be obeying that order elsewhere.

The fastest way to save as many Japanese lives as possible was to capture Euphemia and use her as a hostage to try and stop the massacre(s) as soon as possible. Not trying to use Euphie as a hostage may have let tens, or hundreds, or thousands of Japanese die who could have been saved.

Killing Euphemia fails to satisfy condition C3.

Since the goal of saving Japanese people from Euphie can be achieved without killing her easier, faster, and safer than by killing her, saving the Japanese people from Euphemia does not justify killing her.
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Posted 3/13/12
i wish euphemia never died

why didn't she just break all of lelouch's limbs?

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