What Is CrunchyRoll Here For ?
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Posted 6/3/07
Ok Can Somone Please Really Tell me ?
Shiniji Is Making Us all Pay Setting a Limit On The Video .
I Mean If We Could Donate We Would .
But I Mean We Cant Get The Money / I Am Not Crying About it
Seriously What did he Made Crunchyroll? For ?
1. For Good looking
2. Respect
3. Make Money Of Little Kids
4. Doing it For Fun
5. Dont Give ..

Please Reply Back ASAP . I Want To See The RESULTS.
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Posted 6/3/07
Out of love... of course...

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Posted 6/3/07
to meet our soulmates.
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Posted 6/3/07

6. because he wanted to create a site for the people who has the same interests as him?
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Posted 6/3/07
Easy, from:

what is crunchyroll?
just a collection of videos my friends and i collected over the years, mostly drama, music and game vids.

why did i make crunchyroll?
i created this site for me and my friends so it would be easy for us to share our videos with each other, but they leaked to other people and its grown into something i never really expected ^_^ hopefully, crunchyroll can be a fun place for people to hang out, talk about anime, watch and share videos they've made.

i love anime and i'll keep crunchyroll running forever, or probably until i can't pay my tuition and ramen anymore (damn you, college!!). i hope you enjoy browsing around. send me any feedback at shinji at crunchyroll dot com.

The limit was added because there are too many users and in order to keep CR free. Just because there is a limit does not mean we are forcing you to pay, it just means that instead of closing the site or making this a pay site the limit had to be implemented.

What else is there to say? I just gave you the answer from shinji himself.

PS: If you want to know more about how CR was check this thread:
The history of CR

(Damn, too sleepy to type correctly)
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