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Anime Cliches - Things you are tired of seeing in anime
Posted 8/18/11 , edited 8/18/11
-Deus Ex Machina is annoying as f*ck...if you had this power from the beginning why not use it at the start of the battle and kill the villain?
-Female characters that don't do anything but float around and serve no purpose but to be the love interest the hero masturbates to -_-
-Douche bag characters that are good but act bad because they wanna look cold and distant and cool.
-Pervert best friends
-The main character being the only person that can do something about anything and being the only one that can kill a bad guy.
-Big boobs
-When the main character acts like his/her friends can't help because they will only get hurt in the process but their friends are just as strong as he/she is...
-Nosy ass characters
-A character that is there just to be the butt of every joke.
-Cinderella stories(oh god...)
And a lot more...
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F / Michigan
Posted 8/18/11
End of the world
School based animes
The silent moe girl thats just there to fill the "Rei Ayanami Spot."
Yuri thats only hinted at.
Not showing girls kissing.

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22 / F / London Baby! :)
Posted 8/18/11
-when there's a girl that tries to seduce the guy and he either has a girl he likes or whatever but won't say or do anything to the slut
-OVERsized boobs
-harems..they just get too annoying especially when you know who the protagonist is gonna end up with but all these bitches keep getting in the way
-characters that are still alive and able to move and fight even after they've been stabbed 46723673486347862 times
-characters that are emotionless for no reason
-too much fanservice
-girls that whine about stupid stuff and are over emotional about certain things and that cry about almost everything and make a big deal about something that isn't a big deal
-characters that have no purpose to the story but somehow keep appearing
-cliche shounen hero that always ends up being the only one that can destroy the strongest villian
-when the opponents in a battle stop to tell them their weakness or the technique behind their attacks etc.

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Posted 8/18/11 , edited 8/18/11
Well, I don't really mind anime cliches as much as I mind cliches in general... but there are things that I sort of roll my eyes a bit when I see. Like the "normal", "average" high school boy who strangely lives alone and his harem of females who all seem to fall in love with him at the same time. How many anime male characters introduce themselves as "just normal" or "average" these days, anyway?

Other than that, nothing really comes to mind. If I was in a more pessimistic mood I could probably think of other stuff that bothers me, but being negative all the time gets tiring.

"-OVERsized boobs"
A cliche that will never get old. Don't let my girlfriend read that message, she'd be so disappointed without massive, ever-jiggling anime boobs to entertain her. All of her favorite anime feature plenty of gigantic boobs to fantasize about squeezing like a stuffed teddy bear... I agree with her - that will never get old.
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23 / F / Insanity :P
Posted 8/19/11
The revenge theme is so cliched.
Posted 8/19/11
what's wrong with nyu >.> you tryin to say something BOY HUH HUH!?
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55 / M / Tacoma, WA. wind...
Posted 8/19/11 , edited 8/19/11
*flashbacks of 2005 when they'd import any crap*
.... and they wondered why people got tired of "anime"....

fake boyfriend/girlfriend . . . romance...

vacation at the rich girl's villa . . .

I think I'll stop now before I get pissed off...
Posted 8/19/11
16 year old kids as main characters!!!!!!!!!! almost every anime is about kids saving the world or fighting for the good cause la la la!

Stupid, gullible, shy, innocent and simple girls who have the hot boys after her for no reason at all. I would like to see a heroine with a strong personality, a bitch who knows she can get what she wants and any guy she wants.
Posted 8/19/11
Main characters that are so bloody obnoxious but to piss you off even more they are the 'CHOSEN' one. For example Naruto and Ichigo.
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36 / M
Posted 8/19/11
Episode after episode. It's destroy world, rebuild world, destroy world AGAIN?! >_<
- DBZ Kai

And I can't stress this enough
- fake romance. Rly? Boy A is all "lovy dovy" with girl A. I'd send Barbatos to crush these idiotic cliche's. NO....CLICHE's....EVAAAAR *characters get pummelled by Destiny's Barbatos.

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from the South Bay
Posted 8/20/11 , edited 8/20/11
I am sick and tired of seeing overly large boucy boobs ...dont get me wrong, I like shapely figure but man... enough with the bouncing melons

and agree with Kevin ... the "world destruction" is really getting annoying...

also the bad guy that never dies, they did that with Inuyasha and so I stopped watching that series until it came back to really destroy Naraku
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30 / M
Posted 8/20/11
The phrase "I'm nobody suspicious" - I mean come on. Saying that pretty much makes you seem MORE suspicious. Stop saying it.
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23 / F / USA
Posted 8/20/11
The whole 'I'll never hurt/fight a girl thing'. Especially in situations where they'll get pwned if they don't.
Ecchi in general is annoying, it takes away from the anime/manga if they do panty shots and flashing of boobs too often.
Harem I dislike unless there's a great plot and reason to go with it.
Girls getting hit by a ball in gym class.
Anyone almost falling down the stairs but getting saved by love interest.
Girls who are short, small breasts, look loli/moe as main chars.
Huggge big breasted girls who look and usually act like whores.
Weak girl who gets protected by super manly BF and can't do a thing by herself.

Some aren't even cliched things and are stuff I just added to my 'things I dislike in anime/manga'.
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27 / F / Dallas, TX
Posted 8/20/11
I cannot stand another anime where the main male character falls in love with the mysterious, shy, quiet girl with no personality as opposed to the tomboy childhood friend! It's so irritating XD
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30 / M / Los Angeles, CA
Posted 8/20/11


-Deus Ex Machina is annoying as f*ck...if you had this power from the beginning why not use it at the start of the battle and kill the villain

This was what I was gonna post. Nicely put.
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