Energy Drinks!
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Posted 10/16/10
I hope i've posted this in the right thread (i apologize if i haven't, move if misplaced) anyways...

So i have this Research task for UNI prep coarse due in a few days and need some more responses

Angels Energy Drink survey
(no i'm not making money etc etc off this, nor am i virus/phishing etc etc blah blah )

Only 10 questions long, and yes i realize its quite lazily done, but i can't do a normal ones as i have a few social withdrawal problems

I thankyou for all those who quickly complete it

(in prep coarse because i was too lazy at school lol, almost over then can do my full coarse next year )
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Posted 10/16/10
As much I'd like to help with your survey, no personal threads please.

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