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Posted 10/20/10
hi all,
I'm looking for a song in rurouni kenshin episode 9


at 14:20 the song starts. ends at 15:50. 1 minute 30 seconds

I would be very grateful to find a piano tutorial of this song on video (youtube), or just to know the name of the song!
I can't read piano sheets/notes so this is how I intend to learn how to play the song

if anyone skilled can play this song on video, I would be willing to pay 50$ U.S (25$ for 2 parts or however you like)

the way I would pay is preferably on poker sites

I am a proffesional poker player and reputable in the 2+2 community (largest forums for online poker)

here are my accounts on pokerstars and full tilt poker



I will ship first before each part to anyone who is reputable on these forums
if not I will ship $ after each part

I really would like to play this song on the piano!
Posted 10/20/10
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PS. Im sorry i SUCK at the piano
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Posted 10/20/10
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^ refer to this link for your help.
Good luck.
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Posted 10/20/10
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Please refer to the link below!


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