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Posted 10/24/10 , edited 10/27/10
Mind telling us about you? Don't worry we're not stalkers. :))
Mystic Staff
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Posted 10/30/10
Hey! XD I am Bernice, and I am 11 years old! XD Ummmmmm, I live in Australia if that helps with introductions, lol! XD I like this group, it's awesome and there's a lot to know about me and I think that should be enough for my introduction! XD
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18 / F / Tokyo
Posted 10/30/10
My name is shannon,but i like to be called Shana.My likes are
✖Anime,Monster high,Manga,Writing storys,Hell bunny clothes,The night,Magic
My dislikes are
✖End of a good anime.,All school lessons.,School.,Not getting what i want.,Homework.,Roller coasters

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21 / F / at the Autumn for...
Posted 10/31/10
hi im gabby but u can call me yuuki or amu ok ilike anime manga j-pop & k-pop music cute things
and my dislikes are sad mean people scary things
Posted 10/31/10
I'm Catie, though you may also call me Ouran-Chan, Mikan-Chan or Raspberry-Chan. I'm currently 19 years old. I love almost all Animes/Mangas. I also enjoy playing RPG's like Rune Factory and Harvest Moon in my spare time. I dislike Anime/Manga haters, bullies, and bugs. It's a pleasure meeting everybody.
Posted 10/31/10

Welcome to - Mystic Creations. :))
Posted 7/29/11
I am Jay. But my Real name Is Evangelyne. Im 14 turning 15.
I Like Making GFX, friends, family, anime, manga, jdorama, kdrama, kpop, jpop, marshmelllows , etc.
I Hate, Haters, backstabbers, meanies, Stealers, Fakes, and more.
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