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Post Reply Shopping Mall
Posted 11/10/10
Ok I Nagihiko here with us? I forgot if he was.
Posted 11/11/10
"Rima! I have to break the Transformation, or I'll loose my energy for the next one!"

*KusuKusu breaks Transformation*
*Rima goes back to normal*
"Amu, arent your guardians tired?"
"And no Nagihiko isnt here..."
Posted 11/12/10
Oh darn...well I'll just ask him later.*turns to charas*Are you guys tired yet?(i think im AH right now)
*from inside heart*Amu-chan! Thank god! I'm all wiped out!
Ok,ok I got it.*break*That better? Cause if that x-chara isnt dead then I'm gonna need you again.
Aw man! Oh well! Gambare Ran-chan! Gambare Ran-chan!*starts cheering*
Hey Rima.Did we ever purify that x-chara?
Posted 11/14/10
*Points to it*
"KusuKusu, are you ready now?"
"Yes, Rima!"
"My heart, UNLOCK!"
"Character Transformation, Clown Drop!
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