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Posted 10/30/10 , edited 10/30/10
Bingo Books are collections of targets. These Bingo Books are managed by the Assassin Guild. Each arc, new Bingo Books will be released. Remember, some Bingo Books will only be around for a limited time. To request for a Bingo Book, please fill out the following forum:

Target's names will be of a certain color. These colors represent what can be done to the target.
Red: deceased
Orange: can be killed or captured
Yellow: can be captured but not killed
Green: cannot be defeated (mainly there for canonicity)
Blue: target removed (place holder to show target once was a target)
Purple: already captured or arrested

Ranking shows how strong a character is. From highest to lowest, it goes from SS to D.
-S: OP closeness
-A: strong
B: above average
C: average
D: weak
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