Are badges supposed to all be the same?
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F / In the clouds
Posted 11/2/10
Hi I've earned 3 badges from watching Zakuro for the Halloween contest but they are all the same? Is this right, I thought they would be different.
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Posted 11/3/10 , edited 11/3/10
I guess it's alright coz I have 4 fortune arterial Erika badges and 2 fortune arterial kanade badges...
but I guess if u wud join the contest, u shud get all the different badges..
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Posted 11/3/10
They aren't, you just get them randomly. I'm more interested in the badges than the contest (Since I never win them). Currently I'm trying to get the Kohei badge for Fortune Arterial but keep getting repeat badges. By the way does anyone know if we still can get the badges after today even though the deadline for the contest will be over?
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