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Posted 11/3/10 , edited 11/3/10
I came up with this idea after watching Yumeiro Patissiere Professional and I was thinking about what kind of shops I would make that would satisfy all the members of Team Ichigo (as well as my OC). So I thought "If you (or your Original Character) were on Team Ichigo and had to design a street, what kind of Street or shop would you make?"

Here's an example (You don't have to be specific like me, it can just be a general description):

Street Name: Dream Street
Concept: A place where you can inspire new dreams and nurture ones
Slogan: A place where dreams can be fulfilled and new dreams are born

What shops would you have:

- Chocolatiers
- Cake Shops
- Ice Cream Parlours
- Bakeries
- Candy Shops

Extra Features:

- Stage (in the middle): Where you can have concerts (Like Ichigo, Lemon, Rumi dress up as mascots e.g Ichigo would be Akai Strawberry and wear a red or a hot pink uniform similar to a tuxedo., Lemon would be Citrus Lemon and wear a yellow outfit etc. Like the girls' uniform (in the picture below), but in different colours and the boys would have similar design but with pants (Kashino would be Blue, Johnny would be Green or Orange.)

- Workshops: where people can learn how to make sweets or where kids can decorate their own Cakes.
- Mascots


- Sweets Festival (joint with the other streets): Where you can participate in events and learn more about Sweets and whoever wins the most events will be the Sweets Prince and Princess, who will get special costumes and lead the masquerade party.

- Special Weeks: Carnival Week, Environment week, Book Week (like Alice in Wonderland and have an Unhappy Birthday Cake or a TweedleDee and Dum Lemon and Custard Pie) etc..

- Christmas Events

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Posted 11/3/10 , edited 11/3/10
Here's an example of my shop:

Shop Name: Paradise Blue (Sorry my creativity when it comes to naming is average)
Shop Type: Cafe with the open terrace
Theme: Ocean theme

Type of Sweets sold: A variety of Cakes, Pastry and Ice Cream (floats and cream Soda)
Shop Outfits: Something similar to Mermaid Melody. Here's a pic:

You can add anything else like a menu, this is just my example.
Posted 11/25/10
Street Name: Hawaii Paradise
Shop Type: Ice cream and Cakes !!!!
Concept: Making ice-cream cakes! >W<
Slogan: HOT GUYS RIGHT HERE! [LOL. that would be kinda hilarious and weird, even though it is not a slogan.]
Employee{s}: Rumi, Lemon, the Heireness, and Johnny.
Shop Outfits: Pink sparkly outfits[What Hanabusa wore when he was dancing in the Yumeiro Patissiere Professional]

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