what is your opinion on "Yosuga no Sora"
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23 / M / In Hell
Posted 11/4/10
ok so i was bored and i just watched random anime see what i would like and i found this anime called Yosuga no Sora. this anime is strange because it basically a hentai But this anime is good, the story does suck you in. if you do start watching this you will think it will turn out like school days but it does not. You can say its like any typical anime this days but this is different, i dont want to give away spoiler the anime is based on its name. weird part is it first time i seen this happen. clannad, air and kanon all where hentai games which turn into anime. while this is the first i seen of a hentai game actually keeping the hentai in it.

i do advise not to watch this if your young the scene are graphic. if your young and you want watch this make sure you watch it when you parent are not in the room and make sure you keep volume down XD. be mature they dont censer stuff.

if you want to know more about this anime open the spoiler below \/

to men only:
i am not 100% sure if it a proper hentai but yes i do know there is scene and they hit me out of the blue, but for you guys who like hentai, it aint hard core so dont start watching this getting ready to wank because there are not that long and once you watch it i dont think you could really wank to it any way.

you can always skip the hentai scene any way if they make you feel uncomfortable. if you watched school days and remembered those sex scene, these one are less emotionally but more graphic. and well it does get hard to watch it, you under stand if you watch it

(no idea if anyone done this yet so block if its a copy, second sorry for any spelling mistakes or grammar mistake, i dont care if you grammar/spelling police it late and i am very tired so any mistake i will edit tomorrow. if you want to know anything about this anime pm)
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30 / M / A rock in the mid...
Posted 11/4/10 , edited 11/4/10
I'm enjoying it, but I as I didn't know about how they would be doing the different story arcs I was getting rather worried in the beginning, but fortunately they seem to be doing the individual arcs separately. It looks like they will give the most eps to Sora as well which is good for me, since she happens to be one of the main reasons I'm watching it.
The only problem is that it will probably end up at least somewhat rushed simply because there aren't enough episodes.
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Posted 11/4/10
I like this anime, I dont watch hentai, and Im not interested in watching hentai and its not rocket science to know what a hentai anime shows
This anime isnt hentai until you actually see explicit scene(which may actually be on the DVD/BD, i dont know)) instead you see borderline scenes like scenes that you would see in rated "R" movies, example: (the sex scene in the movie: 300, or the sex scene in the matrix, matrix:reloaded(ithink)),
In otherword this anime is ecchi(very ecchi)
But I get the feeling that every arc will have a sex scene, 2 out of the 4 arcs already have at least one sex scene.

Amagami SS and Yosuga no Sora have the same amount of episode for each arc, its just that Yosuga no Sora has interwining episode like this: Kazuha"s arc- episodes 1,2,3,4 Akira's arc-episode 1,2,5,6
See how episode 1 and 2 are the same for both arcs, it would be a waste of time to actually restart from the very beginning since the arcs only differ after episode 2(this only applies for Kazuha's and Akira's arc though)

My opinion:
This is the not the best anime but it is good, the atmosphere that the anime develop is very depressing though
I sort of like the comedy part (I get a good laugh out of thoses) at the end of every episode but it always seems out of place with all the drama that happeneds in the episode.

Actually the genre should be: romance, drama, ecchi, possibly harem(multiple girls like Haruka)
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19 / F / Florida
Posted 1/8/11
It could have been al lot better if it focused on Sora and Noa entirely, as I couldn't care less about the sisters story arc. I'm rather suprised this anime didn't go the generally expected tragic route (ala School Days, Clannad, Kanon). however the ending was kind of contrived, at least in my opinion
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32 / M / Over there
Posted 1/8/11
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