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Posted 11/7/10
Welcome to the keyblade graveyard
Posted 11/7/10
-in version where the organization lives-
walked through the graveyard, holding tightly to my kingdom key.
"Where are you?" I muttered to myself.
Just as I readied to leave, a dark doorway opened up before me, and Axel stepped through it.
"You're late," I chastised, "But I can forgive it."
He smiled slightly, asking, "So, what did you find out?"
I looked around. "You're sure superior didn't follow you?" I inquired, holding up my keyblade.
He nodded, and I sighed,"Xemnas is going to send you to castle Oblivion."
"What?" he laughed. A boot scuffed the ground, and Axel spun, summoning his chakrams.
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