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Lost Tapes..Real?
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Posted 2/23/11
I don't think they're real, they're just trying to show the monsters' abilities or something, but I do miss that show. It's very interesting.
Posted 4/22/11
Okay girls and guys! It's time to revitalize this topic because I feel like using my scientific mind and figuring out what's real or not!

Lets compare...

Marble Hornets & Lost Tapes, which one is more believable? Probably Marble Hornets.

This topic died a little fast lol. So lets re open discussion M'kay? I'll post pictures of the monsters we 'deal' with.

That link leads to all the pictures of the monsters/creatures in lost tapes.

I just got done hearing some witnesses swear up and down they saw something on four legs run into my backyard.

Last night, there was a ton of ruckus outside my back door, in the backyard there were plenty of weird sounds of crashing and smashing by a dog or something.

My friend across the street said it looked just like this.

Yes, that's black shuck, the thing is, he isn't supposed to be in North America, Heading online and searching black shuck/hellhound, apparently I jumped to conclusions and it said numerous hellhounds are spotted around the world, including North America, but it supposedly wasn't a hellhound he saw.

I don't believe in spirits, ghosts, demons, mythological creatures of any kind, but something DID trash my neighborhood, I'm going with a really big dog, because you can't make out the foot prints exactly cause of the harsh rain.

I wanna hear opinions from everyone to give me insight as to what creature did this because the only people who saw it said it was a large black shaggy dog with yellow guys that kinda emitted light, I'm not going to believe that because they must have saw something else.

ALL solid colors look black whenever its dark out, so that dog couldn't have been black.

To answer the OP's question, No, Lost Tapes is just as real as Elmo.

So anyone, please tell me that WASN'T a mythological creature, its scaring the kids to no end!
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