Post Reply What Is Life To You?
Posted 11/10/10
What is your view on life?
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22 / F
Posted 12/3/10
life is a bunch of roses. a kiss in the sunset. a vanilla perfume. a cold tea in the afternoon.
a dark place. tears and coldness. a sad poem.
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20 / F / Sweden
Posted 12/9/10
A prison that destroyes the soul.. But it's nice. My friends means everything to me <3
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M / somewhere in the sea
Posted 12/10/10

To me, life is an adventure, it changes, unpredictable and full of surprises. The best thing about life is that anything, anything can happen at yes, sometimes, it can be good and sometimes it can be bad. But you, as a person can decide how much do those events affect you.
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24 / F / Sweden
Posted 12/11/10
Life is just a preparation of death. We are born, we seek, we die. All we do in life is seeking for something that will make our lives complete.
We might think we find it. We might think we are happy. But in truth; we keep seeking.
Sometimes along the way, we might even find someone we can share and seek together with during our long travel through life. Sometimes we don't.
Sometimes we find happiness along the way, but can happiness live forever? No, it can't. Because everything that's alive will have to die sometime. Nothing can live forever.
And whatever we do, we will always have the feeling of loneliness hiding in our hearts.
When I think of this I remember the Greek legend of soul mates. That once long long ago every human was twice as fast, twice as strong and twice as smart. And that was because they had four legs, four arms and two heads, but only one soul. The humans decided that they needed no gods to serve under and so the gathered to fight the gods. Zeus got so mad at the humans who he had given life that he split every human in two pieces and spread them out all over the world. Every human now had only two legs, two arms and one head, but the soul had been torn apart and so the humans began to search for their other half that would make them complete again. Their soul mate.
Do you ever while passing someone in the street get the thought: Could that have been my soul mate?
I think that it's from that we have the feeling of loneliness.
We might marry with someone we love and live a happy life. But we will always keep thinking: Was this really meant to be? Or are the person I'm supposed to find still out there waiting for me?
We will always be alone and we will always keep searching.
That's life to me. A endless journey to find something that might not even exist.
We are born, we seek and we wait for the warm embrace of death.
Posted 12/20/10
To Me, God Just Made Us To Reproduce and Die, Thats Why He'd Just Damn Gay and Lesbians to Hell.
It's Not Fair To Me.
Life is Only a Void to Keep the World Alive, So It Needs People To Take Care of It, Or Distroy it.
Why Do you think we are born to find love???
Love is only in our minds, it's only a state of mind, there is no such thing, and I will hold on to that belief until I get proof.
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27 / F / behind you.. booh...
Posted 1/1/11
Life is a game
Born to play a role
Live, love, laugh, cry, and pain
Choose your friends and foes
Knowing to die someday
Hoping to be rembered someplace
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105 / F / Waiting in this q...
Posted 1/5/11
Life is life. No other way around it, many things are good and many things are bad. Like butterflies and wasps. If you look on the bright side the world will seem happier, if you see every as a sad thing then the wold will seem darker.
"Your only as tall as your heart will let you be and you only as small as the world makes you seem, look on the brightside,"

I think the world is great.
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