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Posted 11/10/10 , edited 11/10/10
Kaileena's very boredom struck at the moment so she made another "what's your fav....." thread which isn't much more creative than the previous ones.

This one is about your fav male/female character from DW and SW my favs are:

Dynasty Warriors:

Male: Cao Pi/Ling Tong/Sima Yi
Female: Da Qiao/Zhen Ji (I love Da qiaos moveset/weapon but I hate her personality)

Samurai Warriors:

Male: Mitsunari Ishida, Motochika Chosokabe
Female: There's no particular female which I really like, even though Aya Gozen from SW3 looks quite promising
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Posted 11/10/10
Dynasty Warriors:

Male: Zhang He, Sima Yi, Cao Cao
Female: Zhen Ji, Zhen Ji, Diao Chan

Samurai Warriors:

Male: Yoshimoto Imagawa, Shingen Takeda, Kenshin Uesugi, Nobunaga Oda, Masamune Date
Female: Aya Gozen, Noh ( I just like female demitrix )
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Posted 11/10/10 , edited 11/12/10
The 2nd Zhen ji
is it to fill up an empty space or you wrote it accidentally?

Dynasty Warriors:
Male: Ling Tong,Cao Pi,Sun Ce
Female: Zhen Ji

Samurai Warriors:
Male: Mitsunari Ishida,Nobunaga Oda,Takenaka Hanbei,Motochika Chosokabe
Female: No
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