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Posted 11/13/10
With coming options to upload personal videos along with the commendaries I see on the first page, a clear issue is rising to my worry list.

Easy accessability to wanted content and overal tidyness of the web page.

Allow me to ellaborate

The recent commetary and discussion videos where people talk about anime and japan general have been labeled :
" all new anime" In the front page. That is not anime. It causes confusion and particularly for people like me that look for a spesific content.

Do not get me wrong, I have nothing against movies like this, however, I wish you make own sections for this kind of media, this includes the front page. Let all new anime and all new drama news be just that : Only anime and drama in pure form. Commentaries and other videos, particularly the member uploaded videos, should have their own neat video spot. This improves the accessability to topics and gives it all less chaotic feel.

Also, when you go to alphabetical listings, they all should be labeled properly under their own topics instead of being added to under.. lets say anime tab. Make a clean : " anime related" for all this please. I do not want to see few hundrate commedaries and "my anime blogs" listed alphabetically under your entire anime database in the future, that kind of chaotic archiving would shun me away from the site in a hearth beat. But making them neatly archived under anime on proper tab separately from real anime, instead mixing them with the series... that would score points from me instead. So please do not pick the first option here.

Many sites have forgotten this simple deed of labeling things properly when they expand and add new options for their community, creating one hell of.. if I may say, cresspools of crap, instead the intented exellent tools for people to bring out their expertice

And while we are at it, you could remove the abunai sisters and egg man crap from anime section, they have nothing to do with anime, they are animations, not anime. Add Animations section for them please, its not a difficult task really.

Just few comments from a person that apreciates cleanly designed and organised web content.
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