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Do you believe emotions or thoughts leave behind an energy others can pick up?
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Posted 12/14/10 , edited 12/14/10
My spidey senses are tingling! .... err wait that's just my dog pissing behind my fan........

Hmm I think the word of the day is: Intuition.
Though it may be understating the whole energy aspect of it. Intuition is practically the same thing you're trying to get at, but more so of where does the intuition come from I suppose? There are theories that everything in the universe is connected so maybe it can be departed from the body by other means; that some aspects of ourselves have yet to be discovered, that our emotions, thoughts, and actions can leave a type of residue within time and space(like a fart). That others senses are able to pick up and slightly acknowledge without knowing anything of it or related about it prior(sniff it!).

To the OP:
There have been a few times when I thought someone didn't like me when It was actually the opposite. Most of the times in the past, people thought I didnt like them(I was more of a "to myself" type of person, not a loner or shy, just was that way still am a bit, usually more open now). Then they realised I wasn't this person who they thought I was, or what I was thinking of toward them. Sometimes those thoughts/feelings can be incorrect and coming from yourself alone.
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