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How many game consoles do you own?
Posted 8/12/12
2 DS's. Including a DSi, and a few Gameboys, and Gameboy advances. An X-Box 360. PS2. And a broken Wii. I did, at one point in time, have a Gamecube, an N64, and a NES. But, unfortunately, I had no control over what happened to them.
Posted 8/14/12
3 computers
1 psp 3000
1 psp vita
1 ps2
1 ps3
1 wii
1 broken xbox 360 because i got mad and threw it
1 dreamcast still in box never been opened
1 sega game gear
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30 / F / Tacoma, WA
Posted 8/15/12
XBox 360
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27 / M / Somewhere.... per...
Posted 8/20/12
Apart from computers, laptops, phones and i-pad...

1.Gameboy pocket
2.Gameboy color
3.Gameboy advance sd
4.Nintendo DS
10. X-box 360
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24 / M
Posted 8/23/12
Not including my Laptop and Phone, I have a Super Nintendo and a mini Super Nintendo, the Pikachu Nintendo 64, the Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness Gamecube, the Red Wii, the Zelda 3DS, the Mario Kart DSi XL, the New Super Mario Bros. DS Lite, a Gen I Pokemon Game Boy Color, a Gen II Pokemon Game Boy Color, a Pokemon Center Game Boy Advance, a slim Playstation 3, the God of War PSP 3000, the God of War PSP 2000, and the Star Wars Xbox 360 slim. I really like to buy the special edition consoles.
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36 / M / San Jose, CA
Posted 8/23/12
Well, between my partner and I there is a Nintendo, SNES, N64, Saturn, Xbox, Dreamcast, PS2, 4 PS3s, 4 Xbox 360s, and 3 Wiis. Portable game consoles there is the 3DS, and the PS Vita.
Posted 8/26/12 , edited 8/26/12
N64, PlayStation2, Gameboy colour, Gamboy Advanced, Xbox, Xbox360, PlayStation3, and wii :3
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Posted 12/6/12
A Nintendo 64, 3DS, PSP-2000, PS3 (2nd model), PS2 (slim), and a Sega Game Gear (though I doubt it still works).
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24 / M
Posted 12/7/12
I currently only have Nintendo consols

Wii, GameCube, 3DS

however I plan to purchase other systems especialy retro systems and other past gens like the PS2 not much beats playing a game on it's original format
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33 / M / Bellingham WA, USA
Posted 12/7/12
Pong, Atari, NES, Sega Genesis, Virtual Boy, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Xbox, Playstation 2, and my family recently got a Wii (bought it off of a financially struggling family member as a favor, I think the Wii is dumb). For handheld I have a original Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and a Gameboy Advance SP.

I haven't really been into console gaming since the PS2 era. I do most gaming on my PC. I do enjoy booting up some old RPG's every now and then on my old systems though.
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26 / M / West-Central Florida
Posted 12/7/12 , edited 12/7/12
I've got an NES, SNES, N64, GCN, Wii, PSX, PS2, PS3, Genesis, Dreamcast, Xbox, GBC, GBA SP, DSLite, 3DS and a PSP.
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26 / M / Kentucky, USA
Posted 12/8/12
Gamecube (two of them)
Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance
Game Boy Advance SP
Nintendo DS
Sega Genesis
Sega Dreamcast
Game Gear
Xbox 360
Two PC gaming rigs (desktops) the top of my head, theres 19.
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24 / F / United States
Posted 12/10/12
gameboy advance
ds lite
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26 / F
Posted 12/11/12 , edited 12/11/12
I have pretty much all game consoles made, so I'm not going to type them all out. That's too much work. u w u

I don't really use them, so I'll list the ones I use often.

-Two PCs (one laptop, one alienware desktop)
-Wii (for Netflix and Gamecube games)
-PSP (The Vita is one of two game consoles I don't own) *
-Nintendo DS XL (The 3DS being the other.) +
-Gameboy Advanced SP

* So far I've refused to buy the Vita. The fact that it will not allow the use of UMDs greatly upsets me. I don't want to have to re-buy all the games I own for the PSP, or carry around THREE (also the DS) hand-held consoles in my bag. Not to mention prices of data plans, the external ware (because it didn't come with a memory card, which is a crappy memory card) and the price of the actual console; I felt ripped off by Sony. I've been loyal since their first release of the PlayStation, and continue to be to this day. I don't technically own the Xbox in the house, and rarely ever play it. I was pretty upset when Sony stopped making the PS3s that didn't have the playback feature, but got over it. But to once again get rid of the playback feature on another console... I just don't want to buy something that expensive that I so far cannot get much use out of. Unfortunately, I'll have to break down and buy it if I ever want to play the Persona 4 port.
= n =;

+ As for the 3DS, I'm just not interested until they release a game I really want to play.
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29 / M / Lake Elsinore, CA
Posted 12/11/12
PSP (broken )
Super Nintendo
DS Lite
Gameboy Advance SP
iPad 2
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