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Posted 11/17/10
Now that I have a Boxee Box, I'm loving the fact I can watch Crunchy Roll on my TV. However, it's tough for me to remember which episode of which show I last was watching. Can you make the "Viewing History" portion of the website available to the Boxee application? That way I can tell which show to watch next.
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Posted 11/17/10
I second the history suggestion.

Also, can you add a permeant on/off switch in Account Settings-->Video Preferences for the Autoplay feature? It's a minor nuisance on the website but it is very annoying on the Boxee Box. There is no way to access the Autoplay button via the app, so the next video loads unless you can stop the current video before it ends.

I assume the account settings for our online accounts are used in the Boxee app because 720p video (when available) is what always shows up on the Box per my website preference.
Other than those two elements the app works great on the Box.
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Posted 11/17/10
asameshimae, that's interesting. we should be able to do that. Stay tuned!
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Posted 11/19/10
I don't know how you guys are not noticing this but the Crunchyroll app has a serious problem when showing anime with english subtitles. Whenever a subtitle shows up on screen, the video jerks up and skips forward. Has no one else noticed this? Is this Boxee's fault or does Crunchyroll have to redo the app?

Help please I haven't been able to find an answer anywhere else.
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Posted 11/23/10
I've made a new thread for everything about Boxee Box.

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