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Posted 11/21/10
Anything else?
Posted 11/21/10
5th graders: *gets 80 on test* OH MY GOSH! this is awful!

8th graders: *gets 80 on test* it'll get me to highschool...

Seniors: *gets 80* HELL YEAH!!! I PASSED!

My versions below by the way..

__ : *gets 80 on a science test*

Me : "Ha!"
Sean : "awh,you beat me"

Callam : *-.-* "Wheres the 90-odd?"
Megan : "spoff"
Callam : "Pff! sais you!"
Megan : * *

Ben : "Yes! now my dad will be proud!"
Jed : "Brother"
Ben : "Whatever.."
Posted 11/21/10
1 year old Girl - "Hi dad" *smiles,hugs dad and kisses him on the cheek*
Dad - "Hi sweetie"

16 year old Girl - "Hi dad" *smiles,hugs dad and kisses him on the cheek*
Dad - *thinks - a smile,hug and kiss* "WTF did you break?!"
Posted 11/21/10
Girl: Hi :)
Boy: Hey.
Girl: I heard you like somebody...
Boy: Yeah, yeah.
Girl: Ooh, who is it?
Boy: I'm not telling.
Girl: Fine, do I know her?
Boy: Yeah.
Girl: Hmm, what's she look like?
Boy: Do you have a mirror?
Girl: Yeh why?
Boy: Look in it
Girl: Why?
Boy: Cuz that then answers your question..
Posted 11/21/10
"Do I look okay?"
"When I see your face,there's not a thing that I would change-"
"Dude,i only asked" ¬_¬
Posted 11/21/10
"Some kids were dropped as a baby while you were clearly thrown in the air,smacked by a ceiling fan,hit by the wall and tossed out the window"

Soo using it next time someone jips me!
Posted 11/21/10
Miss-"Whats the answer..callam?"
Callam-*sais answer*
Miss-"Oh,i-its right.well done callam"
Jed-"did you think he wasent listening then?"
Elisse-"Miss theres a group like that on facebook"
Jed-"No need to tell her,lemon"
Me-*sighs* "Why is it only our class that has these discussions?"
Posted 11/21/10
Laura-"Every cloud has a sliver lining"
Me-"So every boy has a..a what?"
Laura-*sighs* "i give up with you.."
Me-"What'd i do?" * *
Posted 11/21/10
"To get points
To get points
To-To-To get points
To get points
To get points
"Yes to get points al-fuckin-ready!"
Posted 11/21/10
Boy: Why haven't you had a boyfriend yet?
Girl: I'm not allowed, why don't you have a girlfriend?
Boy: Cos you're not allowed to have a boyfriend yet (:
Posted 11/21/10
Student: I have to go to the bathroom
Teacher:You should have gone in the break
Student: Im terribly sorry i havent planned out my pee schedule for you.
Posted 11/21/10
Best friends = You fight,I fight.You hurt,I hurt.You cry,I cry.You jump off a bridge,I get in a paddleboat and save your stupid ass.
Posted 11/21/10
Girl: "Describe a hot girl."
Boy: "Blonde hair,huge boobs,brown eyes."
Girl: "Then i guess I'm not a hot girl."
Boy: "You never said to describe a perfect girl."
Posted 11/21/10
loves that awkward moment when your parents are looking over your shoulder at your Facebook page, and you dont know what to do...
Posted 11/21/10
Loved it befor when demi straightened all her hair and then wondered why her hair wasen't straightning and she looked down..and the straightner wasn't even on.
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