Banner & Avii making contest
Posted 11/22/10 , edited 11/23/10
So guys we`ll be having another Banner & Avii making contest!
ok this time our theme is Allied Powers! XD

so Rules:
Please let it be connected with the theme:
(so we`ll be using the Allied such as England, America, China, Russia, & France)
No Profanities and well...umm how should I put it...No...umm pervy kinky stuff -////- (well France remember)
Deadline is Dec 30
Late submission will not be counted

any picture as long as you follow the rules above
Ok Format! XD

Date Made:

Ok I think that`s it...the winner`s banner or Avii will be used for the Group! XD
if anyone is interested you may join
if there`s any questions you may post at this forum or PM me
`Kay guys good luck

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