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What is your mood today?
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24 / M / Kaguya's Panties
Posted 10/2/12
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27 / M / Lost in the Digit...
Posted 10/2/12
Lazy. Content as well, but mostly lazy.
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Posted 10/2/12
i would say it has been ....a very kawaii day ^^
Posted 10/2/12
Disappointed slash satisfied D:
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28 / F / tennessee
Posted 10/2/12
crappy.....i feel sick...
Posted 10/2/12
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37 / M / The Void.
Posted 10/2/12
As of this moment, I am neutral.
Posted 10/2/12
I am neutral as well.
Posted 10/2/12
Very tired. That awkward zombie like place you get to when your running on nothing but energy drinks.
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25 / F / in the land of th...
Posted 10/2/12
You worry me...
Posted 10/2/12 , edited 10/2/12
Feeling tired but fulfilled with a vengeful sarcasm of sorriness however pretty much in cloud nine that i finally nailed the bitch from hell of my company right in front of her face classic western style with yakuza twist kamakiri of her own fate of her own doing.

CEO: Emily, were is the file?
Me: I submitted it through you via email and the few correction you had suggested have been implemented.
CEO: Wow! That is great. Can you get my laptop at the lobby.
Me: No problem. I am on it in advance. Just now i ask my secretary to get it.

CEO: smiled
Me: sigh

( After 3mins)

Secretary: Em, here is CEO's laptop.
Me: Thanks!

( I walked towards the CEO's table)

Me: Madam Chan here it is.
CEO: Kindly opened it to me. Password is my department's name.
Me: Certainly...

( While i am browsing the file. CEO, went to the bar to grab an ice cream. Walks in Senior Head of Management.)

BITCH ( Senior Head Management) Emily, you completely changed the product without my acknowledgement.
Me: Because Ma'am...
BITCH: Shut up!!!
Me: Ma'am
BITCH: Where is the file?
Me: Here but Ma'am
BITCH: Grab the laptop from me and look and stare at my designed with babbling face and said: REDICULOUS!!! You call this product design and marketing. And then... SLAMMED the Laptop and smashed it to the floor and broke it in half.
( APPLE can be so fragile from a bitch hand)
Me: Angry but terrified
BITCH: feeling so PROUD

( Without knowing CEO walks in)

CEO: What did you do? You slammed my lap top and all my files are there inside. For what reasons?
BITCH: Petrified. I am sorry Boss. I thought it was her. I am just mad at her designed.
CEO: I already confirmed it together with the board.
Me: Like to LAUGH but HOLDING IT
CEO: Kindly submit your resignation tomorrow please as a payment for my laptop
Me: Do not be so harsh Ma'am
CEO: You want to submit you resignation letter as well Emily
Me: No...
CEO: good!
BITCH: Walks and cry
Me: like to smile...
CEO: Do not hide your happiness Ms.Kong. Now be a good employee and get me some margarita
Me: on my way
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24 / M / Melbourne, Australia
Posted 10/2/12

kajisawa wrote:

deejayvee wrote:

kajisawa wrote:

ItsMev wrote:

kajisawa wrote:

some what insecured

After been called, " a woman with a chest of a run way airport " by one crunchyroll user

Don't show your chest on crunchyroll?

If he couldn't actually see, then just brush it off, who gives a hoot what some random on a forum board thinks!

P.S I like smaller breasts anyway! If that counts.

Gee, Thanks
I didn't shown my chest on crunchyroll. I am not that wild and comfortable with. The user is one of those individual who annoys and then when you fight back and annoyed them they start hitting the foul speech like DUMPSTER. I do not mind it now his my buddies in this site so...gotta let it go and play it civil. He must have gotten the idea through my pics that i am flat chested and using the metaphor like an airport well it just shows that his one of those mammary minded one' it's okay i totally understand it. Besides this is a site were opinion is free if you can't handle that then might as well BUG OUT and STAY OUT

I'd just like to point out, you are a very confusing and puzzling person.

Po!nt none taken...

Well said, and he is most likely referring to you're English which is cute in some places! Ignore him. :)

Posted 10/2/12
ItsMEV, Terima Kasih means Thank you in Malay Language...
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28 / M / Boston
Posted 10/2/12
I'm in the stage where being unemployed is starting to lose it's flare, but once October ends, I will be able to work again so I'm not too stressed over it.
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30 / F / behind you
Posted 10/2/12
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