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Posted 12/31/10
Posted 1/4/11
Tch..I'd love it if she continues that..i was hanging in a cliffy..lmao..XDD but she said she had a writer's block. O.o
Posted 1/7/11
</3 xD
Posted 1/7/11
I-no..she said she won't continue it anymore..LMAO..wrong news..O.O
Posted 1/9/11
o_e ''' so sad xD
Posted 1/20/11 don't look like one...XDD i'm writing this kyu fic on my notebook for quite has 18 chapters already..XDD
Posted 1/26/11
Oh damn. xDD I wish I could do things like that xD
Posted 1/28/11
LOL. My friend at school requested me to rite that one. Well, I think it's just a compilation of sweet things a guy could do for a girl..just that Kyu's the main actor here. ; D It's fun writing that one. XDDD
Posted 1/31/11
Awhh <3
Posted 2/4/11's on hiatus now..I'm still busy with school..XDD i'll still have to do our QMI too. <3
Posted 2/7/11
Posted 3/8/11
Okay..I'm gonna spam for now..XDD
Posted 3/8/11
why the net is can I spam. Dx
Posted 3/11/11
Posted 3/11/11
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