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Road Music
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Florida, US
Posted 11/29/10 , edited 11/29/10
anything i can meditate to during my journey
Posted 11/29/10 , edited 11/29/10
Up-tempo rock and punk rock. I can't exactly play Cradle of Filth in the car so I play my more Nu-metal like Bullet.

Also you cannot beat a bit of Bob Marley on the motorway, fuck I'm in the wrong lane!! "Don't worry, every little thing gonna be alright."

Ahh thank you Bob...
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21 / F
Posted 11/29/10 , edited 11/29/10
Electronic, K-pop, Indie, Trance, Techno etc.
Posted 11/29/10 , edited 11/29/10
oh well, romantic or soft songs go pretty nice~
or Japanese pop/rock is ok as well~

anyway, for roller blading (which I do the whole day) works something rhythmic, good beat aaand nice lyrics not to get me bored
Posted 11/29/10 , edited 11/29/10

vnkid wrote:

otaku_125 wrote:

Nobody is posting on topic
Any way the radio station is always either (only people who live in Canada/ Toronto ON would understand)
98.1 CHFI
CBC Radio News
680 News

What genre(s) of music do they mostly play...or is it more of a radio talk-show thing?

I've been listening to this classic rock station lately--

but also got an aux for my ipod (rock, indie-rock, jrock, jpoprock, poprocks, pop and lock rock, click clock...)

98.1 CHFI, is more of an "Easy Rock" Station (Brian Adams, Phil Collins, Elton John, etc.), plus some Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Cher, Maddona etc. and some other random stuff. but right now they currently play Christmas tunes.

CBC News is Canada's Official National New station

And 680 News is a Toronto based station, that is your average station (minus the music). But they do specialize in traffic reports and road conditions.
Posted 11/29/10 , edited 11/29/10
I can't drive, but I usually have partial control over/of (which is it?) the music. I like to put in old soul/funk CDs.
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24 / Rainbow Factory
Posted 11/29/10 , edited 11/30/10
Country, rock, some electronica mainly E-type or Daft Punk, the occasional hip hop song, only about 2% of the entire worlds hip hop is good... okay more like 0.5%. And usually just about anything my brother passes my way. And that could be just about anything but usually plain amazing.
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M / Nowheresville, MI
Posted 11/29/10 , edited 11/30/10
I'm rotating between two mix Cd's currently:

1. All Against All / The Haunted
2. Ashes Of The Innocent / Bullet For My Valentine
3. Become The Catalyst / All that remains
4. Before The damned / All That Remains
5. Chiron / All That Remains
6. Enlightened By The Cold / Shadows Fall
7. The Flood / The Haunted
8. Forever In your hands / All That Remains
9. Here Comes The Pain / Slayer
10. Hollow Ground / The Haunted
11. I Hate You / Slayer
12. Inspiration On Demand / Shadows Fall
13. Love to hate / Slayer
14. The Medication / The Haunted
15. New Faith / Slayer
16. Not Alone / All that remains
17. Stain of mind / Slayer
18. Still I Rise / Shadows Fall
19. Two Weeks / All That Remains
20. Venomous / Shadows Fall
21. War Zone / Slayer
22. 99 / The Haunted

1. Don't say "lazy" / Toyasaki Aki & Hisaka Youko
2. God Knows... / Aya Hirano
3. Help! ~Hell Side~ / Ayana Taketatsu
4. HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD / Kishida Kyoud...
5. Hikari / Yui Horie
6. Koi ni Sesse Tooryanse / Aoi Yuuki
7. Look this way (baby) / Miku Hatsune
8. No Buts! / Mami Kawada
9. No, Thank You! / Yoko Hikasa
10. Nyanderful! / Yui Sakakibara
11. Orange / Rie Kugimiya
12. Pre-Parade / Rie Kugimiya
13. Ripple / High School of the Dead
14. Shoujo S / Scandal
15. Shunkan Sentimental / Scandal
16. Silky Heart / Yui Horie
17. Vanilla Salt / Yui Horie
18. You / Yuria
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