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Things you want to learn
Posted 12/1/10
i wanna learn how to.....FLY!!!!
so i can say hi to all the birds!!
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22 / F / Procrastinating à...
Posted 12/1/10 , edited 12/1/10
Be fluent in Japanese, Chinese, French etc. etc. =]
I want to try out the violin o.o
Proper ice skating, I've taught myself how to do it but it's really crap and I can't skate properly -_-
Draw with some degree of skill.... in general not just manga-style though that would be nice as well =P
Neuroscience I've always found it fascinating just to be a total geek =D
Some form of martial arts like kung fu or judo I used to do taekwondo but I quit it was so boring and I was too lazy XD
Maybe learn how to sing better (yeah I know I'm a music nerd as well) ^^

makix wrote:

1. Computer science (C++, Python, etc.)
2. 3D Graphics
3. Linear Algebra (Within 3 months, I should be able to.)
4. Languages: Japanese, German, French, Spanish

I LOLed when you said linear algebra 'tis a difficult subject

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F / Wishing for Jeju...
Posted 12/12/10
I have a whole, long list!!!! But at the top is mastering my mountain dulcimer. I love seeing how many of you want to learn languages! (((((HUGS))))) sandi
Posted 12/12/10
Musical Instruments (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard mainly)
Better Vocabulary
How to sing (I have a horrible voice)
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59 / F / Midwest, rural Am...
Posted 12/12/10
I wish I could've learned to snow board. I used to ski, but long before the snow board craze, & it's been so long since I was even on the 'old-fashioned two', it would be fool hardy to plummet down the mountains on 'one' at my totally out of conditioned age!!!!

Also, ....I always thot it would be cool to learn to ride a unicycle.......
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Posted 12/26/10
new language..
learn how to play violin
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24 / F / SA
Posted 12/26/10
I would like to learn Italian, French and Swedish. Also, improve myself in drawing
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32 / F
Posted 12/26/10
Japanese. I'm taking it this semester.
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26 / M / United States
Posted 12/26/10
1) Learn a different language
2) Become a chess grandmaster
3) Master a form of self defense
4) Learn how to play the violin, piano, saxophone, and harmonica
5) Become a wanderer
6) Make connections around the world
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F / In Wonderland wit...
Posted 12/26/10
Japanese and a lot of things, but it's not coming to my head right now.
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38 / F / Virginia, US
Posted 12/26/10
I want to learn Japanese (I have Rosetta Stone...just gotta do it!) but I also want to learn Japanese history and culture as well...
I want to learn some sort of martial arts
I want to take some sort of dance class - ballroom or ballet (not so much to learn as to help get in shape)

Now what other people want me to learn...
My mom wants me to learn tax preperation
My stepdad wants me to learn accounting
My husband would like me to learn how to cook

I am not adverse to anything...I would like to continue to learn and grow throughout my life!
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29 / F
Posted 12/26/10
i want to learn...

how to play guitar and violin
how to speak japanese and korean ( i can read,write and speak (though not yet very well)
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23 / F
Posted 12/26/10 , edited 12/26/10
wanna learn:
--> how to play the cello
-->how to make clothes
-->how to hug
--->how to be the best pastry chef!!!!
--> how to type fast
-->the easiest job that pays the most
-->the language: russian
-->how to draw..
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31 / M / New York City
Posted 12/26/10
not french
chinese<---though it sounds hard to speak...And u know in most languages a man is able to speak manly? in chinese the tone for male and female sounds the same which feels embarrassing

I wanna learn to play the guitar
and lots more stuff
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F / Somewhere over th...
Posted 12/26/10 , edited 12/26/10
how to do maths

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