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Posted 1/11/08 , edited 1/11/08
Well...I made this topic because I just happened to have a dream like that last night...Which was completely random:

Me and my best friend became the Hoppers, and we went to a Anime convention (Just a random anime convention. XD), and we got into a fight with some Final Fantasy fans (Who were cosplaying as Tidus and Auron), and as we were fighting. The FFX battle theme was playing. XD After like a few minutes of fighting, I used Rider Jump/Kick and Full Force started playing, and then it just switched to Kageyama singing 'Happy Birthday" . Since today is my birthday. XDDDDD
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Posted 1/11/08
I had a dream where Agito and Kabuto (in their rider forms apparently) trying to challenge each other in cooking. Kabuto somehow won because he used clock up
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Posted 1/13/08
I had this one not to long ago my dreams never make sence but I dreamed that I was my fan-made character i made call ND and I had to save this pokemon resort/farm from an explosion during that time. I was all of asuden attack by alot of monsters and was help by kamen rider Zeronos but this Zeronos was the Yuto that we all love to beat the crap out of Deneb it was the other one. I also had one where I team-up with the 11 vertean riders (1-black rx) to fight aganist mutated stuff animals and SSB characters.
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