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Post Reply Black Forest
Posted 12/30/10
"Eep!" She jumped on Akiras back and hid her face in him, still held the ball tho, which was the only small lite source besides her necklace.
Posted 12/30/10
The figure Aurora thought was Akira grabs her wrist, and pinned her against a nearby tree. "So this is the maiden?"

Akira, had problems of his own. Against two female twin sprites.
One attacked him from above while the other came from behind, he moves out of the way and shot lighting bolts at them. "Aurora! Where are you?!"
Posted 12/30/10
She skwirmed, "Eh? I'm here!" She shoved the ball in the things face, "Take that!" Although she didnt know what was gonna happen...if anything at all.
Posted 12/30/10 , edited 12/30/10
The figure smack the sphere away from her, "Show me your power maiden!"
The heavily breathing was back near Aurora and the figure.
"Oh my lil pet will eatcha'

The sprites cried out in contact with the bolts, and Akira started to use his known martial arts fighting with them. Creating flashes of light when contacted. "Sorry it's not really my style to hurt a female." kicks one of them on it side shattering it's crystal killing one.
Posted 12/30/10
She gasped, wat now? She screamed, "AKIRA!!!!!"
Posted 12/30/10
Hearing Aurora, he quickly dash towards the last of the sprites, punching it in the stomach causing a huge impact shattering it.

The figure, directs his pet to go after Akira. While, the figure leaves to get the sphere.
Posted 12/30/10
The minute he lets her go she jumps for it and stays on the ground with it under her. Her necklace glows so brightly now its hot against her skin, while the sphere glows brighter as well, lighting her insides of her dress like a light in a tent.
Posted 12/30/10
The figure stops in front of her, 'Pretty damn quick eh?"

Akira was running towards the little speck of light, only to be hit by the same force from before, making him skid farther away from the main area. "Ah! Again?!"

The attacker appeared, and it was a large dark dragon. Cause Akira to go into shock by seeing it, "I-it's-"
Posted 12/30/10
She holds it tight beneath her, "Please, stop." A tear falls from her cheek and onto the ground.
Posted 12/30/10
The figure just laughs, "Who knew the maiden would turn out to be like this."

Akira's eyes beamed red with no life in them, and goes after the dragon. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!" He jumps and dive kicks at the dragon, and it charges up energy in it mouth ready to fire at him.
Posted 12/30/10
(come on isnt this spear supposed to do something? lol)

She grabs the sphere and quickly stands, takes a few steps back, "What do you want? If its this, you cant have it." She held it protectively.
Posted 12/30/10
"Obviously that IS the reason we came to attack you." The figure points at it, "Now hand it over."
A loud crashing sound can be heard nearby.
The figure laughs, "Looks like my pet found something fun."

That wasn't the case it was actually the dragon that got hit, it started to get angrier, and started to shoot dark spheres at Akira.
Akira just dodges, from left to right. "You're one of those dragons that attacked the city!" Shooting lighting bolts at it.

Posted 12/30/10
She whispered in fear, "Akira..." She hoped that he was ok. "No." Then she ran for it, deeper into the forest.
Posted 12/30/10
The figure yelled out to her, "I don't think you should do that! haha!!"

The dragon and Akira fought it out for a long while, with both not coming out unscathed on this.
"I swore if I ran into any of you dragons, you're dead!" Looking at it with a dark expression.

"It was your fate...the fate of the people in that town." The dragon finally spoke out for the first time to him.

Shocked Akira looks up at it, "FATE?! Again?!" He punched the ground in anger causing a slight tremor. "Why us?! Whatever did we do wrong?!"
Posted 12/30/10
She kept running, "Akira?!" She didnt know where she was running but his voice was fading. She tripped and cried, but held the sphere close.
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