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Whats on your wall ?
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26 / M / in your head
Posted 6/29/11
mostly paint
Posted 6/29/11 , edited 6/29/11

Qoureno wrote:

mostly paint

This. Also an old poem by Edmund Hamilton Sears that I hardly look at anymore.
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Posted 6/29/11
Pictures of models in business clothing.

It's how I choose my clothes for the day, since I lack creativity first thing in the morning.

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Posted 6/29/11
A drawing of Cloud Strife
Another drawing, but of Sora
Two calenders (One from this year.. One from 2008. :D.)
A roll-out-type-poster-thing of Haruhi, Yuki and Mikuru
Two posters of Miku Hatsune
A poster of the males from Vampire Knight
Another poster of Vampire Knight, the males, but with Yuuki
A poster of Amulet Heart
A poster of SacAnime 2010
A Chinese Zodiac roll-out-scroll-thing
A 52" Flat screen TV. (BWAHAHA. I wish. .~.)
Two Doors (One for my closet, the other to go out to the living room :3)
A Window

Aaaand.. That's about it. :D.

..Yush. I has lots of stuffs on my walls..
Posted 6/29/11
Just my painting ....
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M / Nowheresville, MI
Posted 6/29/11
A dry-erase board to try and keep my life in order
Omamori Himari calendar
Shelves with my figure collection
Posted 6/29/11
- A drawing board with a picture of nyan cat that i drew
- A heatlia poster
- 2 reborn posters
- A picture of me and my best friend
- Winnie the pooh poster
- Mariana's trench poster
- Kingdom hearts poster
- Justin Bieber poster
- Tyler Medeiros poster

yup thats it xD
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21 / M / California
Posted 6/29/11
A dead mosquito that I squish not so long ago.
A small hole with a diameter of about 1.5 cm
A stapple
Some dirty stain that I don't know about.
A Chinese Calendar
A Window. =]
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19 / F / Houston,Texas,U.S.A
Posted 6/29/11
Well my room is Lime Green
-I have Andy Biersack's (Black Veil Brides) poster
-A death note poster
-A few of my poems and stories I've written
-A few printouts of my favorite bands and anime's
-A poster I made with the lyrics of a song that protects LGBT rights (Rise against- make is stop)
-A few writing tips and said words in my writing corner
-A calendar
-A few drawings I've done
-Glow in the dark stars on my ceiling
-Medals and awards I have gotten
-A decoration I got from India
That's all I can remember.
Posted 7/21/11
My bogeys and more bogeys... xD
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18 / F / Somewhere on Earth
Posted 7/21/11
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20 / F
Posted 7/21/11
3 frames of pictures
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32 / M / Oslo, Norway
Posted 7/21/11
A Lasse Åberg original, Mickey Mouse giftwrapped
http://medium.tradera.com/140/123697140_1.jpg Like this one, but mine's signed and numbered ;)

A Chibi/The Birthday Massacre poster, also signed by Chibi.
A real sword from the 1800's Danish artillery.
Picture for a 7up ad in the 80's. Naked guy with a snowboard under his arm, heading towards the mountains.
Had that pic since I was around 8.

Some setlists from div concerts I've been to, random stuff from said concerts.
Group photo from the army
And about a third of my vinyl collection.
And a city map over Berlin in the kitchen.
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34 / M / Construction land!
Posted 7/21/11
Let's see... a few posts with varying amounts of text. Oh, you meant of where I live? Hmm... well, you can't see much of the wall due to shelving units and whatnot. But there are a few framed pieces of art, a quilt (It's a roommate's family heirloom.), a calendar, whiteboard, bulletin board, then my room, covered with anime posters and wallscrolls. Even the window there isn't safe from my anime love!
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25 / F / Evergreen, Colora...
Posted 7/21/11
I'm not really allowed to do anything to the walls at my house, so I don't. Therefore... nothing.

The day I move into a rented place with fewer rules, I will want to decorate. I think I'd like a white board, a chalk board, and a cork board.
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