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Posted 12/13/10
This is a fun ABC game. I'll start it off with A
A my name is Allison(Name starting with letter) i live in Alabama(place starting with letter) and i sell Apples (noun that starts with letter)
Continues going through the ABC's when done, start over again
Posted 12/30/10 , edited 12/30/10

Letter B
my name is bunny-chan(Name starting with letter) i like to go to Banana land(place starting with letter) and i love read books! ^-^ (noun that starts with letter)
Posted 12/30/10
Letter C
My name; Chibi-chan, I have a big.. Chimney. (:
I loove cucumbers<3 (no naughtiness please)
Posted 12/30/10
My name:Dana,I love dr.peppers.
I Live in detroit.
Posted 1/9/11
Letter E

My name is Emily, I live in Eureka, I Love Elephants
( lmao parts of that are actually true X3
The name and Elephants is true (: )
Posted 1/9/11 , edited 1/9/11
Letter F!

My name is Fish! I live in a little place called Fools! I think i love Fireworks!
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Posted 1/15/11
My names is ViVi i live in Virgo's House and Love the Violet Shoes
Posted 1/19/11
W my name is Wind I live in the Windows I love to the word Why
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Posted 1/21/11
My name is Patricia and i live in pandora and i love paramore
Posted 1/21/11
my name is Queen and i live in Queen creek and love Qaucking
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