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when you accept a name do you accept a label?
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Posted 3/22/12
I think it depends on the person. Some people are proud to have the name that their parents have given to them. They are happy with their life and what their name entails. I, however, hate my name. It's boring and common and I don't feel like it's my own.

I do feel like I'm losing something when I tell people my name. When someone says, "What's your name?" I say, "(name)", but I'm thinking that's not MY name. It's someone else's that was just slapped onto me when I was a baby because they needed a way to identify me. I wish we could just have SS# until we were old enough to choose our own names.
Posted 3/23/12
Hah! Conspiracy theory. Good one!
Posted 4/13/12
I don't know. All I know is that I don't like my real name. It's just what people call me...
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Posted 4/14/12 , edited 4/14/12
oh, I thought this is going to be about something more interesting like "if you accept being called a Christian do you also accept all the connotations that this label undoubtedly brings with itself..." wrong thread.
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Posted 5/5/12
Names are labels. But names also define yourself. A name grows with you, rather than restricting you into slavery. The connotation of a name changes as you live, it forms itself to fit the person you are and become. When you are a baby (my philosophy), you are a blank slate. You can become anything. The only reason why we become who we are is because of outside factors, conditions, and our response to those things. For example, if there were two parallel universes, where two people were born at the exact same time, place, by the same person, and grew up in the same way, They would be the exact same person. I think your personality develops because of those situations. So therefore, names have nothing to do with restricting you and becoming the chains of society, because its your life that labels you and not your parents labeling your life.
Posted 5/5/12
It's what you lend to your name that gives it meaning.
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Posted 5/6/12
a name is just a name i think are name were givin we get attached to it and just get used to it and we think of it was a title of a family linage but that just me i dnt think theres a title u would never know i listened to manson black veil brides ect from my clothes or anything like that.
Posted 5/6/12

rindaja wrote:

when you're parents name you do you accept it and does it become a label that you wear for the rest of your life?

and what happens when someone asks you that name if you give it to them are you giving up a bigger part of you?

do you think that that may be why people accept/ create nicknames...so as to have a choice of what and how they give?

do you think this is one extremely weird conspiracy theory

Basically are names given at birth forced if so why, and do you give a piece of you away when you tell somebody that name and if you do is that a good or a bad thing. and do you think we use nicknames as a way to escape this accidental servant hood and become what we feel we truly are or wish to be? And as the name stated is your name a label?

Tn my opinion, birth names and labels are different.

Finding a name for a child is very important because they will carry and use it throughout their lives. Naming a child after your favorite fruits and tourist places then expect one of things things; your child to be laughed at or be the center of attention of other people's jokes. Hopefully your parents were not drunk or high off their asses giving you a silly name. My partner and I find names that have a mutual meaning between the two of us because the children we have will have our blood flowing through them, our habits, wisdom, and looks.

Labels, I think of music records (e.g. P!nk's actual name is Alicia Moore but her label and people know her more commonly as P!nk 'girl power') or label ingredients on foods when I go shopping.
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Posted 5/6/12
Like if you were a boy named Sue? Anyway one could always change their name legally if it bothered them. Personally I don't think in such terms. Even though I didn't choose my name I don't think of having it and accepting it as something coercive or burdensome.
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Posted 5/14/12
What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
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Posted 5/25/12
holy crap, this sounds like a "theory of knowledge" question in IB...

umm generally a name is a word, a word gains meaning from it's context. So yes, it can act as a label, but doesn't everything in the world?
do you want to live in a world without words?

Posted 5/27/12
Only if you allow it to be.

A name is something you can carry like a badge, or something that you can enhance with actions.
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