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Which Anime is the lesser of evils?
Posted 12/15/10
Hmm.. what an interesting question!

It all depends on my mood
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Posted 12/15/10
For myself, I would go with good story, but poor animation, as this is more likely to be corrected later with a remake than an anime with excellent animation and audio, but a poor story.
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Posted 12/15/10
I prefer an anime with a good story-line (especially sad) But I want it to have humor in it too ^^
Graphic just has to be so-so
Characters (as long as it fits the story-line)
Romance? Well, make it funny. Don't do those typical classic anime things.
Posted 12/15/10 , edited 12/15/10
If the animation is fluid enough to be considered animation I could care less as long as it entertains me.
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Posted 12/15/10
The title was somewhat misleading to the thread to be honest, but here's my thoughts on between the two choices:

Animation quality and styles tell a lot about the premise, since that's arguably the best method to attract the audience immediately. Unfortunately, this is probably where the sad thing about the anime industry occurs at - the production decides to put everything on the animation and not enough on the story itself, which does attract a wider demographic in general, but leave a bitter aftertaste for the people who was expecting something better.

As a result, my opinions reside on the 'substance over style' notion, especially after watching two of Masaaki Yuasa's works, Kaiba and Yojouhan Shinw Taikei, which doesn't have a poor animation per se, but definitely not something that most people would expect nor prefer to watch.But after ignoring some of these minor quirks, I found to appreciate these types of animes simply because:

1. Watching something great that not many others watch is much more rewarding in many ways
2. Great aesthetics is one thing, but comes no where as powerful when it comes to making impressions as a well-developed plot, characters, settings and humor (should there be any) after watching the title.

Dealing with sequels is a bit more complex when it comes to evaluating the good show, since it can completely reverse your thoughts on the series as a whole depending on how well they were executed. Here's a bit of an hypothetical scenario about two contrasting series - Seeing some improvements and redeeming qualities from the sequel from a premise that had great animation values but little substance, my regards on that series as a whole increases slightly. However, on the other hand, if a show which I thoroughly enjoyed manages to drop an atomic bomb on itself with the sequel, my opinions (and probably the majority's) on that series in overall would crumble in matter of seconds. To sum it shortly, depending on how a series decide to end, a show can become either:

1. A crappy show with great animation -> A show which managed to redeem itself a bit by the end, but still a great animation nonetheless
2. A great show with an appalling animation -> A show which managed to crap on itself by the end, still with an appalling animation

Your mileage may vary depending on your taste / how each series turned out, but by the time that happens, it would be much better with the former scenario rather than the latter.
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Posted 12/16/10
The way I see it, anime with flashy animation and little substance are designed mainly for the dimwitted. Sadly that is the majority of the population, thus the incredible popularity of these shows. Substance (which I consider to be storyline plus other factors such as character depth) is far more important to me. Zegapain is one of my favorite animes of all time. The animation isn't horrific, however it isn't anything to write home about. The story questions what "life" is, and the exploration of the characters makes you truly feel the tragedy of it all. This forces you to actually think, which in my opinion is what a good story should do. Originally stories were created to convey a message, but these days it seems like less and less actually say anything at all, at least when it comes to visual entertainment.

The reason I'm so insistent on using the term "substance" rather than just "storyline" is that sometimes neither is what makes an anime really good. Consider the anime "Time of Eve." While this anime does actually have quite attractive animation, it's hardly the reason anyone watches it. It also doesn't really have a storyline whatsoever. Pretty much the whole thing consists of the characters sitting in a coffee shop. It's really about the exploration of the characters, both human and android, and their relationships/interactions.

There really are so many factors that can make or break an anime, so I don't think you can really boil it down to just two choices like that, at least not fairly.
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