Credit Collector Question
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Posted 12/17/10 , edited 12/17/10
If you send them a letter stating "If you refuse to post my payment to my current debt of X amount then my debt is hereby void and you must send me my money order back to me." and they sent the money order back to me saying:

We refuse to accept your payment of $25.00 we will only accept payments of $35.00 or more. Unless you make the payment of $35.00 soon we will take further actions upon you.

Does a debt collection company from a hospital denying your payment automatically void any debt with them? My lawyer told me that under any situation if a company denies your payment then obviously they must not want your money thus your debt is voided.

My question is this (and feel free to add any comments I want your opinions on what to do):

Would my account be voided since they refused to accept my payment regardless if it is $10.00 short? I told them I had no more money and they refuse to listen. There is no reason why I must pay $35.00 instead of $25.00. What are your opinions am I right or am I wrong and what should I do? I obviously can't send in a payment if they just will refuse it. Thanks for your time. I don't really want to mention my lawyer to the collection company because I feel an obligation to pay my debt I just need more time. They want me to take out a loan from the bank to pay them off. YEAH RIGHT!

Edit: I have two companies I owe money to. One of them accepted my payment this one did not. So this company is just being stubborn?
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Posted 12/17/10
Should this be in the personal thread or something like that? D:
Posted 12/17/10
CR is an anime website, not your legal adviser.
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