I Need a New Anime !
Posted 12/21/10
So, I've been sick of repeating all the good animes! i like ones that are adventure or action that is good with an interesting plot and makes you look forward for the next episode : <i dont care which genres horror, romance, comedy, action, drama, or whatever>
The ones that I loved so far are:
Bleach <ehh got boring>
Naruto <fillers ryt now>
Death Note <best,! light is soo smart!>
Lovely Complex <funny! and romantic>
Shinrei Tantei Yakumo <lil romance but very interesting>
Nurarihyon no Mago <i love stories of ppl who were first very weak & suddenly became strong>
Eyeshield 21 <became a fan of football>
Giant Killing <the manager has a interesting personality>
Kimi ni Todoke <veryy cute! but they progress sooo slowly>
Bokura ga ita <touching!>
Tsubasa Chronicles <interesting story! but eehhh not complete>
KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN <besttt!!! nvr gets old>
Kuroshijitsu l & ll <SEBASTIAN!!!!>

As you can see I like all types of anime as long as they are interesting and it doesnt HAVE to be funny, just interesting enough to go with the show! ((:
Appreciate Help!

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Posted 12/21/10 , edited 12/21/10

the wallflower

be on your way all hanshin kyojin
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Posted 12/21/10
I agree, watch "the Wallflower"

Please post your question on the link below next time.

Recommend me an anime

Posted 12/21/10

moratorium wrote:

the wallflower

be on your way all hanshin kyojin

yuhpp, i watched that too! =)
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