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“This is gong to hurt me...

more than it’s going to hurt you,”

That was a lie. I should of taken my own life right afterwords, but I was too scared to face the Devil so soon. I’m a monster he created, not like Frankenstein, but worse, Frankenstein wished to have a heart deep down inside, didn’t he?

I don’t.

It was all his fault... He instigated it. He brought it upon himself! It wasn’t my fault!

And I, as his loyal -loving- girlfriend, had to take action for his evil deeds. I caught him in bed with my sister one night; I wanted to strangle him right there in front of my sister, and show her his head in my hand. But I didn’t blame her, I know she would never, EVER, do something like that of her own free will.

She was forced by him- my own boyfriend... that I trusted more than life itself. Life always lied, but he was my cushion.

I stared at his pool of blood now, the strangle marks left by me, and the many holes I left in his chest from silver bullets,

I hope he suffered, I hope he suffered real good when the bullet entered his heart.

I knew this body would be found in this abandoned warehouse in less than 24 hours, and there would be a crime scene, detectives trying to find me, so I became a killer on the run.

I fled this town, with so much memories with him, the place I was born, my parents- and my sister, who probably had no idea what to think right now when this made news.

[ x ]

I traveled millions and millions miles away, it seemed that far in my mind anyway. I wanted to be so far away, on the other side of the world. But I still carried the same ruthless hands everywhere I went, and the same broken, unable to ever be stitched, heart.

Every step I took, I knew I had a shadow beside me. Invading me, my thoughts, my hurt- telling me inside my mind, ‘I’m going to get you. I’m coming back for you. . .’

This evil aura never left me be, it even entered my dreams- and those dreams ended in me waking up multiple times during the night, screaming at the top of my lungs, for him to stop.

A year had almost passed, and I was living with my distant Grandma my parents never come in contact with, so that was okay. She knew nothing. The rural area she lived, nothing got around. And she didn’t have a normal tv with news channels, just a small box with the weather news.

The night I found her and knocked on her door, was about 5 in the morning, and she welcomed me in with a warm hug, a cup of tea, and nothing but stories. She didn’t even ask of my sudden visit. She had a memory disorder, so I was surprised she remembered me. It was probably the pictures that trickled her memories.

She was at least, what, 70 years old now?

She made it around the house with a crutch sometimes, and other times, I needed to get her wheelchair.

She kindly enrolled me into a school nearby, and I started my new life there.

Day to day, my crime faded from my memory, and I began to smile once again.

The hauntings had finally ceased, the bruises, the ‘falling down the stairs’ had finally, stopped.

Or so I innocently thought.

[ x ]

I made two really good friends one year, and decided one weekend to invite them over for a sleep over. Grandma was okay with it, of course, being so carefree as she was.

They were a lot more easy to talk to then my friends back at home, and they told me their secrets... even though I told them, “I don’t have any secrets...”

Of course, I had to lie and make one up anyway. ‘I never kissed a boy...’

It was around 11pm on the clock, and we were busy gossiping about girls and boys from our school, who was going out with who, who broke up with who, who kissed who... who went all the way with whom.

And then, one of them, Mellie asked me as she leaned closer to me, “Say, Kaomi, you ever went ‘all the way’?” she winked after, and I leaned away with a look on my face.


My teeth felt gritted together,

“Come onnnnn, tell us~”

I thought by now, I could tell them anything. They were my true friends. Next to Mellie, Nana seemed to have wanted an answer as well.

So I decided to bite my fear in the face and speak, literally... his ghostly face that I could only see what right in front of mine.

“Oh yeah, but it wasn’t what I expected.”

Mellie blinked, “What do you mean...?”

I chuckled over my hand, ignoring his taunting expressions. “He wasn’t what I expected, in bed.....”

So maybe that was a little too far... but I fear no evil.

What was I to be scared of next? Nothing.

As if right on time, the window in my room that was half cracked blew in some frighteningly cold wind, like the cold biting winter wind.. And then I heard that familiar distorted haunting voice in the winds air,

”Lier's go to hell, darling. You know you loved it.”

I grew numb to anything he had to say, so I felt not a thing.

My friends got a little frantic and stood up, Mellie closing the window with a hard shove and Nana hugging herself.

“That was a random chill... huh?”

“You said it...”

I looked at my friends with a content look, laughing at them for getting scared to easily.

“What’s so funny, Kaomi!?” Nana pouted,

“It’s just, you should of seen the looks on your faces when that wind blew in! Scaredy cats~”

Mellie put her hands on her hips, frowning. “It was cold, don’t make fun of us! Anyway...”

[ x ]

We were in my room painting our nails a deep red color, giggling and laughing about stupid pointless stuff like ordinary girls.

All was good until Nana got up and left to use the bathroom, that’s when his voice became a taunting laugh.

I couldn’t take the migraine I was getting...

It had been a while since Nana left.

“Think she got diarrhea or something?” Mellie said after a while,

I laughed despite my pain, “Maybe...”

I had both feet polished by now, as did Mellie, we be both put down our nail polish on the floor and started walking tipytoe-y out of the room.

To the bathroom in the hallway, we heard running sink water.

And no, the laughs did not stop.

[ x ]

Mellie jokingly knocked on the door and repeated,
“Nana, Nanaaaaa, you okay in there? Just squeeze it out, take deep breaths...”

I rolled my eyes at her, she really was such an airhead...

Behind her, I secretly needed to hold my head in my hands from the throbbing pain in my head, and I was so close to reaching the climax. The screaming.

Mellie knocked hard a couple more times, and then the humor in Mellie’s jokes dissipated, and they were replaced with worry. That’s when I knew something bad had happened.

Mellie turned the doorknob after another nail-biting moment, and...

The voice came inside my head again.

”Fear no evil, huh? You should know better,”

That’s when my guts twisted like a pretzel,

Nana was sprawled on the floor, the sink overflowing, and the broken mirror with his face laughing at the scene.

Mellie was already knelt down beside Nana, she tried to shake our friend awake and asked what’s wrong, but then everything else happened.

What was I doing just standing there!?

It was as if, he somehow entered inside of me and shut down all my functions,

And here you thought I could do so little with my powers, well possession is the new one, my dear.

Before I could say or do anything, Nana’s hand reached up to take Mellie's neck, strangling her best friend.

All I could do was hear Mellies’ choking to death, and see Nana’s eyes, the eyes of my evil ex-boyfriend.

I guess the only thing left to do was beg for him to stop, nothing much else I could do.

After feeling like I could move again, I ran to the broken mirror and punched it with my fist, glaring into his reflection and smile.

The blood dripped off my knuckles,

“Stop it, stop it, STOP IT NOW!”

[ x ]

That disaster day, I knew that this had been going to far for too long. Using my friends was crossing the line.

And these hauntings needed to stop, they needed to stop now!

Even if I had to take my own life.

To end it all.

[ x ]

I wanted to forget what happened that day, and so did Mellie. But I had no idea how she felt being choked by her friend, so I didn’t know how to comfort her. I was just as scared.

Mellie was okay, physically at least, I mean, she was alive with a neck cast...

And now life lead me to the hospital, with both my friends in its care. How did it end up this way? How could someone like me, who needed the hospital more than them casually walk these halls?

The usual unison of laughter kept drumming in my ears, he enjoyed my pain, just like I’d enjoyed taking his life.

I felt guilty for the first time, not because I killed another human being, but because I had friends...?

And he’s surely made me regret it.

[ x ]

Nana was in the hospital with Mellie, apologizing hundred of times over. So the idiotic doctors think there’s something mentally wrong with Nana, that she needed to seek help.

This was ridiculous!

But the stupid doctors wouldn’t believe it if I told them the truth, would they?

I hated seeing them so messed up as they were, and Nana was going to be taken to a ‘specialist’ tomorrow... I don’t even know if I will see her again.

But then at the back of my head, wasn’t that better? Then he couldn’t use her against me.

But then there was Mellie... who was broken.

[ x ]

“I’m sorry... so sorry, Mellie...”

I sat beside her bedside, she was so popular, that flowers were stacked in vases all around her, and get well-soon cards. Everyone adored her.

“It’s okay already, it wasn’t your fault...” she reached her hand up to her cast, “though I still don’t understand how this came to be at all...”

I looked down ashamed, “I’m so-“

“Stop it,”

I nodded and looked down, “‘Kay...”

I wanted to end her suffering...

[ x ]

Nana said it was an okay to visit me one last time before she went away. And I didn’t know how to spend the remaining time with her.

So we ended up in the living room, reading magazines and not really talking, well until,


I looked at her surprisingly, “Yeah?”

“You don’t... think I’m crazy too, do you?”


She jumped a little at my voice, “Then... what was that before...”

I apologized again, shaking my head. “Nana, I swear... it’ll never happen again. We’ll go back to old times once Mellie is healed, and-“

she cut me off, tears clogging her voice, “B-but... I’m being sent away-!”

She lunged into me, and hugged me like her life depended on it. I held her like she was my dear sister, and her fingers nails scratched at my back, her crying turning into psychopathic laughing.

[ x ]

“Let go of me, stop it, Nana!”

I tried to push her off me, but her fingernails held my skin where it was, she was quiet for a bit until it struck me, that this wasn’t Nana anymore.

“End Mellie’s suffering you say? Why didn’t you just shoot her like you shot me?”

I struggled to escape her hold, and she’d let go.

It was always during desperate times, that he would just stop. I didn’t understand...

I ran from my friend and upstairs to find Grandma, she was always taking her naps, and my back ached from the scratches on my back, as I opened Grandma’s door to find her standing right in front of me, cracking her neck and pushing me into the wall.

[ x ]

“Gullible bitch,”

I screamed at the impact against the wall, sliding down from the wall and staring horrified at...


Grandma shouldn’t be walking! Her legs were so weak, and yet she marched toward me and smiled, “Yes, dear?”

I was shaking to a point I would go insane and pull my own hair out. I luckily dodged her punch and frantically carried my clumsy body elsewhere, to hide from Nana and Grandma.

[ x ]

There was no hiding. I couldn’t hold in my whimpers, my thoughts were a loud scream, and he could easily find them. He was everyone I was, all the time, anytime.

Grandma found me first, I flew off the staircase and broke a few tables with my back, and Nana pinned me against the wall, my fingers flexing and cracking by themselves.

Was I going to die like this? By the hands of my Grandma and friend?

I guess I deserved it,

I fell to the floor again, “Now it’s acceptance, huh? But I’m not going to kill you. Oh, no. You’re not going to die.”

...that voice wasn’t inside my head. It was... Mellie entering through the front door. “I’m going to make you suffer to a point you can’t just die yet, and then let you live. And then do it again.”

She grabbed her neck cast and threw it in front of me, I gasped at it.

I knew it, this was his revenge. All that was next was the gun.

Mellie was walking up to me, “And to think this was all because you pulled the trigger... oh, and shot me I don’t know how many times...”

She held the gun to my head,

“What was it again? This is going to hurt me, more than it’s going to hurt you?”

She was laughing, but I knew she wouldn’t end my suffering, so she aimed the gun to my shoulder and pulled the trigger.

Click. Clack.

[ x ]

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Posted 12/26/10

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Posted 12/27/10
Posted 12/28/10

& my LOOONG stories are usually GOOD : D
so you don't get long stories from me everyday D< CHERISH THAT ~ ♥
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Posted 12/28/10
I WILL red it.
Posted 1/9/11
I LOVE CREEPY STORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i needa stop picking random stories D:

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Posted 3/23/11
It's creepier than a certain movie I saw a couple of weeks ago.
Posted 3/24/11
LOL i had little Kinnie read such creepyness xD...

& thanks ya'll C:

what movie Angelo? owo
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Posted 3/24/11

ay_bay_bay wrote:

LOL i had little Kinnie read such creepyness xD...

& thanks ya'll C:

what movie Angelo? owo

"The Fourth Kind".
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Posted 3/28/11
...the mirror thing reminds me of bloody mary....


Make the scary things go away.... O^O
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:'D <3
the genuisness of my weird yet creepy mind... ♥
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Posted 4/29/11
Grah for unhappy endings.

good story though!
Posted 4/29/11

oh thanks thar Bob : 3
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