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Posted 12/27/10 , edited 1/2/11

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Posted 4/25/11

Cross Academy - it is in located in a hill top near the town. It is very hard to walk up due to the long stairs. Cross Academy is protected by a boundary which is the Night Class Dorm president. The dorm president will easily know if there are vampires from outside the school.

Moonlight Dormitory - it is located right across the day class' dorms but between it is a forest and a deep lake. A gate keeper is hired so that a day class can't enter unless permitted (which is very impossible). Guardians can stay but not very long, not more than 4 hours

Sunlight Dormitory - it is also across the night class' dorms it also has its own gate keeper, the sunlight dorms is a bit smaller than the moonlight dorms. Sayori's house is near it the same as the headmaster's house.

Vampire Hunters Association - the Vampire Hunter association headquarters is located in the town itself hunters live sometimes in the association or in the town.
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