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23 / F / In the shitty wea...
Posted 6/26/12

Just be careful with your powers =]
Posted 1/2/13 , edited 1/2/13
Name: Aulus V. Caedicius
Class of Vampire: Pureblood
[i fyou have parents of the original Character] Parents:
bio: Aulus Vibranius Caedicius , Also known as Aulus the Storm Prince , is a hundred year old pureblood that had lived since the 18th century. He's a mystery , and would only appear if crisis arise. He's also known of his legendary bad temper that if he's angered he can kill hundreds of vampires and thousands of humans. He don't drink any human blood that is innocent , he only drink blood from criminals and humans whose jobs are dirty. He also have a split personality : The Sadistic Ripper (when angered) and the Storm Prince (normal)
personality: He's shown to be merciless to his enemies and would give them a very painful and agonizing death. Loner/ Anti-social , sadistic , Quiet , Arrogant

powers: Can control the weather whenver he wishes, God-like powers
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In your Dreams
Posted 3/18/13
Name: Kitoyuki Hiou
Class of Vampire: Pureblood
[if you have parents of the original Character] Parents: N/A
Bio: Her family was taken away and she was put in a coffin and dumped in water to keep her safe. When the Hiou family went insane, she didn't know about this. Not being able to break free from the coffin, she stayed there sleeping msot of the time as she found no other way to pass her days. Until she grew elder, the coffin was taken ashore by the son of a fisherman who had just opened their business. As soon as she was set free, she turned the fisherman's son into a vampire. From that day on, she realised that her health was expremely weak. She hadn't been feasting on a drop of blood since childhood and turning a vampire into a human and drinking his blood was a sudden change in the pattern of living she was used to. It was so sudden that her body was not used to ingesting so much blood that her body began to malfunction. Her internal organs are often very fragile and since she knew this, she enhanced the fisherman's vampire into a powerful vampire so he could protect her.
Personality: Quiet, often clueless, cold outer appearance, daydreams alot, needs to be taken care of and needs to eat a special pill each week to maintain health, weak health, often stays indoors and uses other people's subconscious self to do things for her.

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22 / F / With my babies......
Posted 4/24/13
Name: Misora Adora Ueda
Class of Vampire: Noble
Bio: Misora comes from a very noble line of vampires, but she is the rebel of the family. She left her house one day just to get away from it all, and she ran across the street in the middle of the day, just like her parents had told her not to. Sure enough, a car almost hit her. Since then, she hadn't left the mansion for anything, too afraid of the outside world. When she was old enough, she was sent to Cross Academy, a high school that was made up of both humans AND vampires. She felt like she could finally fit in. She settled in nicely and became friends with a lot of the people.
Personality: Shy, but once she makes friends, she is very outgoing and hyper.
Pic/Description: Purple hair, White Night Class uniform, green eyes.

Powers: Can control plants and can call upon animals.

Name: Senryu Hoshigaki
Age: 16 years old
Bio: Senryu's parents were killed in a strange accident while they were taking her to school one day, and she has never been the same since. She was always a good, selfless girl who helped people and gave the shirt off her back, some times literally. After the incident, she was more reserved, only spoke to a few people. Then, she found out that the cause of her parents' accident had been due to a vampire running in front of the car. When she entered into high school, she found herself at Cross Academy, due to her extremely good grades. From there, she volunteered for the prefect program, where she learned even more about Vampires and what they were capable of. That's also where she met her cat, Sushi, whom she saved from a level E that had almost made a meal of her. Since that day, Senryu has made good use of her position.
Personality: Very helpful and willing to protect the school.
Pic/Description: Red hair, green eyes, black Day Class uniform, has a companion, a white kitten named Sushi.
Posted 7/6/13
Name:Kimiki Kuro
Class of Vampire: Pureblood
bio: Kimiki has been in hiding for yours living as a human but at night killing level e's one by one til her older sister was killed and she went mad.After years of solitude she came back out and now helping newborn vampires control there thirst and powers.
powers:Bood and thorns
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26 / F / the nice part of...
Posted 3/6/14

Name:Misaki Kusama
Class of Vampire: Noble
Parents: unknown
bio: Not much is know Join the night class shortly after Kurenai Taro left the school
personality cold but gives off a evil sweetness

powers Smoke is his skills mainly unknown.
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22 / F
Posted 4/20/14 , edited 4/20/14

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