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High Kick PLUS more K-dramas today!
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Posted 12/29/10 , edited 12/29/10

rha33 wrote:


CR guys, you replaced the old series with the new one!!!

Where can I watch the old one ???

Please fix the issue, Thanks.

If you are referring to High Kick, both shows are there. Please refer to the red circles in the image below. Clicking those will show you a full list of episodes for each show.

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Posted 12/29/10
Well, that's just fixed recently but...
I wasn't easier to open a simple new show?

Honestly I got troubled just by trying to access the old show and there was a clock telling me the shows wasn't available while the week before was all there. Then, the next time I came back to check all episodes are mixed. And then, the last time, the old show wasn't there anymore!

Have you checked if the counter in the watch list works for both series/seasons??
I haven't tried that yet, but this whole try/error thing made me feel like I just going to watch the first season. (certainly is not a good excuse but... that's how I feel about it)

I think that a site like should bet for the easy-to-use instead of a complicated nested structure, just like with anime; I mean, if you get dragon ball you don't make a complicated structure for the 3 series, you just add a new serie of DB, so you get all in there easy to get and see.

Anyway, that's your decision, good luck with all the changes, I bet i took a few changes in your db and scripts to get what you have now.

Thanks for the reply.
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Posted 12/30/10
I don't know if this is a drama..... well..... so far it isn't..... but it would be nice to see "Marry me, Marry" here on Crunchyroll.
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Posted 1/2/11
Tee hee! I live in North America...but too bad that I don't find a spark of interest in this. :/
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Posted 1/2/11
I'd watch more dramas if they were up on Roku. Ought to start rolling out a few completed series, since it looks bad to have three buttons and one of them is empty ... say, one finished historical series, one comedy, and one melodrama each week.
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Posted 1/3/11
did u try viki, mysoju and ?? i think maybe also asianrice
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