Want to be my friend?
Posted 12/29/10 , edited 12/29/10
Let me tell you about myself.

Joined in Jan 08.

I'm a big fan of animes since I was maybe 4 or 5, Started with Trigun,Big 0, Lupin, .hack, and Rurouni kenshin.

I've seen 670 animes, Yes I know I dont have much of a life.

I'm 15, Love anime, and Games, I got my G.E.D So im hoping to be on alot if I find more cool friends.

I read some manga....

My Fav Genres is, Action,Comedy romance,comedy, Adventure


And the name is Simon.

Want to be my friend and please tell me about yourself

Also my I really enjoyed "Chaos ; Head, .hack , Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Darker than black.

I really love Darker Than Black.
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Posted 12/29/10
Posted 12/29/10
Forever Alone
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Posted 12/29/10
Yup you will be
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