Inconsistent Subs
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Posted 1/2/11
So, I've finally accepted CrunchyRoll. I used to be so turned off to japanese cartoons. Mostly because of fan subs.
I could never enjoy One Piece or any of the Special Effect shows because of really bad subs.

I guess it's this generation. You'd rather read half english and half japanese in your subs. it gets kinda annoying and sometimes it blocks new fans to watching shows.

My sister loves Inuyasha, But she couldn't watch the japanese version because most fangroups don't translate some words because they assume you know what the word is. I personally know a lot of people like my sister who prefer to watch the dubs because fan subbers are terrible.

This also happens for the new fans who don't understand Japanese and believe some characters names are "Sasuke-san"
or the guys from BLEACH are "Shinigami" instead of "Soul Reapers" "Death Gods" or whatever your poison might be.

then I found Crunchy Roll.. and now I can watch all the cartoons I never got too. But sometimes I see these weird but not terrible inconsistencies.

In example I shall use "Invasion! Squid-Girl!" and "BLEACH".

In Squid-Girl, everything is nicely subtitled except for the fact that they still use the reverse when naming people. in example they would use "Aizawa Chizuru" instead of "Chizuru Aizawa", which is slightly annoying only when you watch Bleach and they use "Ichigo Kurosaki".

Maybe I'm just old and I prefer it when subtitling meant actually translating the language instead of leaving in random japanese to seem "cool"
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Posted 1/2/11 , edited 1/2/11
Are you angry at CR for these subs? I don't get this thread.

I guess the subs are OK .. it does get annoying sometimes.. but cope with it :]
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Posted 1/2/11
I actually usually prefer fansubs, as long as it's done by a reputable group. That pic you posted does look like an extreme case of leaving in japanese words, but usually it's only terms that are super common in that anime. "Shinigami" in Bleach is a good example. I do understand where you're coming from, but I think most of us prefer it this way.

As far as the name thing goes, well in Japan it's surname first and given name last. This makes things difficult because the subbers have to decide whether they should reverse it so it's like it would be in english, or whether they should leave it so that what you read and what you hear are the same. I prefer it when they just leave it alone, in the order it was in the first place.

Who the hell reported the OPs post to the mods, and why?
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Posted 1/2/11
well if you don't like the subs you can watch the subs(though it usually makes my ears bleed)
also some things like ikadesumas! or chan, kun, san etc really has no better translations for it. the picture you posted rarely happen in anime. so yeah. subs are usually good but sometimes they are not so good. but if you want official subs, they usually have it on youtube like funimation has it
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