Post Reply What should they do for the 20th anniversary?
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Posted 1/4/11
Next year will be the 20th anniversary of the Sailor Moon series as the manga began its run back in 1992. Since they did a live action version of the series for the 15th anniversary do you think they should do something like that for the 20th? Or maybe do a remake of the anime adaption? What's everyone's thoughts?
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Posted 4/14/11
I think they should do a remake of the anime adaptation that follows the manga. They did a remake of Fullmetal Alchemist following the manga when they created FMA: Brotherhood. I would love to see them do the same thing for the Sailor Moon manga. The manga is a phenomenal piece of work with a great plot. I felt that the original anime was too strung out over mini fights and lost a lot of the original flavor of the story. In addition they left out a lot of the really cool parts of Sailor Moon's transformation in the Stars series and her futuristic self. I would love to see a remake that only included fights that happened in the manga and the aforementioned. Anyone else agree? =)
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Posted 6/17/11
Yes! that would be amazing!!! all i know so far is that they are releasing some sort of manga... like not new... i think it's has better picture or something idk..
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Posted 1/22/13
Well duh bring it back! and they will!!
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Posted 2/25/13
They did a lot of stuff last summer for the anniversary. There was a big presentation and they also announced Sailor Moon is coming back sometime this year. Here's a link :

They plan to release the episode simultaneously online...perhaps via something like Crunchyroll?
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