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Posted 1/5/11
Hinata have told that she love Naruto, and as all of you could c or read ( he was surprised - get it)

Now what's gonna happen??

Because he didn't go to Hinata and say something with ''thnx hina, cause if you didn't confess and didn't have been stab so i thought you were dead well peehhw then we all have been in deep s***..btw i love you too, wanna marry me??''( i wish he would ask her) .... no he didn't.

I know that they didn't have time for romance when the war is just outside the door ...but he could at least say thanks..
or he couldn't get it his mind?? ...but naruto isn't that stupid....

i hate stuff like that!!

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Posted 1/5/11
Sorry but no naruto threads in the main forums.

Please post these kind of threads in the Naruto library

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