Hi Crunchyroll.!
Posted 1/7/11 , edited 1/7/11
Hi crunchyroll, I am wondering if there are, legal, to stream boku wa kono mama kaeranai, our road should never return, or Do I have to buy the dvd, and I want to report a page, for some day ago I was quiting because I say something so did that, I stop it, I don't downloading anymore, that is illegal, and not allow, Its stealing, I am glad that I understanding this after doing this in many month, You will be much happier to buy the dvd from the owner, I don't like this bakabt.com so let people made a account and downloading, I was sure that it was a page so was legal allow to give anime so was free, for some anime, but it is not, so then I want to help you on crunchyroll, to inform,-information, that bakabt.com have many anime series, gundam seed, inuyasha, Death note, hajime no ippo, Manga music and live japanese video, They are doing a bad thing I don't want people to downloading they need to pay I am so glad that I stoping and downloading, I love japan for what they have done for us, they have made animation for our trust, they have helping us to getting anime dvd, for watch it, I want to buy not downloading, I hope I did the right thing to stop downloading, ? Regards Geirmund.
Posted 1/7/11
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