Post Reply wikepidia mysterysly lists vongola guardiens english dub cast
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Posted 1/9/11!_characters im not sure what to think it seems to weird for someone to list all of these guys do you think this could be a good cast or not?
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Posted 1/9/11
Its probably someone trolling cause its not there anymore and besides never trust wiki cause if there was an English dub they would have said something about it on ANN telling us who licensed Reborn a long time ago. As much as I want it in English I doubt we will be getting one soon since Viz Media is too busy jerking off to Naruto, Bleach, and Inuyasha to care about any other anime series right now. I'm hoping Funi gets it in the end and doesn't decide to drop it like that one baseball anime or Detective Conan since they have the tendency to do that with long running series that don't sell well for them.
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