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Dragon Quest 9
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24 / M / Guess! Still don'...
Posted 12/9/11
Need a break from it, but once I go back to it, then I have 2 characters to revocate, a lvl 99 gladiator and a lvl paladin...Will try to get all legacy maps as well, since I only have Baramos Malroth...trying to find some better gear as well...
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18 / M / KPopVille
Posted 3/30/12
It's tottaly good! But the dungeons are hella confusing.
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Posted 7/7/12 , edited 7/7/12
I really like it and plan to get Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 once I beat it.

My main char is a level 50 or so martial artist that uses claws, it looks really cool with the kung fu gear and dragon warrior helmet. I think I'm on the last boss, don't know if I'm going to complete the alchenomicon though. I'll see how I like doing grottos once I finish.

I've been a fan since Dragon Warrior on NES and it's great to see the series get a good foothold.
Posted 8/5/12
Love this game~ ^^
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