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Rip-off Anime shows
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Posted 1/15/11

H3ctor87 wrote:

Rouward wrote:

k0chi14 wrote:

Rouward wrote:


Pasensya na, eh kasi Voltes V ay ang unang pinalabas dito bago Combattler.

Des85 wrote:

Rouward wrote:
Lucky Star - Azumanga Daioh. It might be.

Let's get started.

At least Azumanga is hillarious XD
That one me LOL.
LS just made me smile :P

Many of the new animes from the winter season feel familiar.
It`s like the manga/anime creators have lost their creativity.

Oh wait, Azumanga came first, so you ment that LS is a rip-off of Azumanga :P
(I don`t get good enough sleep nowadays :P)

If LS is a rip-off, they did a bad job at it hehe.

AD came out back in April 2002 and LS on April 2007. That anime isn't exactly a rip-off.
I dunno why I'm disappointed on Azumanga Daioh.

iKyuubi wrote:

Rouward wrote:

Two days ago, I've been chatting with Slowdanse (Mod of this site) and her friends on Twitter about anime shows. She asked what's our least favorite anime and one of her friend mentioned that Wedding Peach is a rip-off of Sailor Moon, and for that, I was thinking to create a new topic here.

A ripoff is a blatant or unscrupulous copy or imitation.

I could only name a few shows here 'cause I'm still noob in anime world.
Combatler V - ripoff from Voltes V in different models and characters.
Dear Boys - Slam Dunk.
Duel Master - Yu-Gi-Oh!
Ikki Tousen - Tenjho Tenge.
K-On! - ripoff from Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad in female version.
Lucky Star - Azumanga Daioh. It might be.
Hungry Heart and Captain Tsubasa. IDK which one is a rip-off.

Let's get started.

LOL at Beck Mongolian Chop Squad and K-on!...

sure its the same because it talks about having about having a band...but thats looking at the two superficially... did you really watch it to say that it is a rip off..? (k-on!) im saying this because I love the two series...

and I would say the very same to Azu Manga Diaoh! and Lucky Star..

about the topic hmm...cant think of anything....

Yep. I watch BMC back in 2007 and K-On last year.

well, I watched it consecutively... K-on being the first and BMC 2nd.. so I can see how they are totally not the same..different..

H3ctor87 wrote:

Ryk_ wrote:

Ikki Tousen is not a Tenjho Tenge rip off. It is stated that it is the Romance of the Three Kingdoms re-enacted in modern times by schools instead of kingdoms. Where Tenjho Tenge is an internal conflict between factions in the same school, and with a much smaller cast.
Even everyones favorite Dragonball is based off of Journey to the West/Forbidden Kingdom (like Saiyuki), how many monkey king Gokus do we need?

Took the words out of my mouth. As a fan of the two series, I felt insulted by the first post. Thanks, man.

There's a difference between borrowing some ideas (which is normal for ALL arts) and ripping off/plagiarism. There is also borrowing TOO much.

For example, Bleach's Bount arc in the beginning almost looked like a rip off of Yu Yu Hakusho's Chapter Black saga. Even Urarahara had the same problem Kuwabara did.

I apologize for what I said in the first post 'cause you know, I'm currently retrieving some of my memories from the past. Both shows I've mentioned were under fighting genre right?

Urgh. (Facepalm)

Yes. Fighting and ecchi (with a little comedy) together. ^^

It's ok. Don't worry. It's not like I got off my chair and threw a tantrum LOL. XD

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Posted 1/15/11
Yes, there are alot of rip offs. To many animes repeating the same thing and calling it "new," Instead of just continuing series that were actually original in the first place.
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Posted 1/15/11
They're really not rip offs. They just happen to have a similar plot, but everything else about it is different.
I mean there are many animes that are alike. (Recommendations) You can't just have one anime about a certain thing.
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