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25 / M / the RVA, love it
Posted 11/12/06
Who plays GunZ?
Who watches Bleach?
Who likes Rap?
Who watches Naruto?
Who plays Counter-Strike?
Who like Rock?
Who likes,watches,plays, etc anything !?!?

This is the topic of the Century! Talk about games, music, and anime! The land of kariirebito!
kariirebito means reapers in japanese. i am not japanese though...haha
I am Chinese. I just like japanese suff.

Talk, Blabber all you want!
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25 / F / rawr...
Posted 11/12/06
i watch naruto, mai hime, black blood brothers, elfen lied, fruits basket, blood + and ohsc! i listen to heavy rock and metal. i like japanese stuff because it's more interesting that english stuff. i'm trying to complete enter the matrix on xbox but i'm stuck.

hows that?
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