The Demand for Crunchyroll on Xboxlive/PS3
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Posted 1/16/11
Don't you think that being able to stream and watch crunchyroll anime on xbox live would be epic?

I mean we already have netflix, but crunchyroll should cooperate with microsoft to offer and open up a streaming system on xbox live. That would rock hard core.

And i guess for the ps3 too.

"wii? other than sonic/mario for my Nintendo 64" I have no clue as to what this "wii" you speak of is.

Posted 1/16/11
Hmm, interesting. It would be cool to watch Panty and Stcoking on my PS3 <3

Why don't you post this in the Help/Support/Feedback section, so our Support Admin, BasouKazuma, can look over this?
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Posted 1/17/11
Their is already a thread for this.
Kiki's Customer Support Service
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Posted 6/7/13
We revamped the forums. All the old site/support threads will be locked.

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